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Now you can buy the Pomoca secret Race Pro skin formula by the meter centimeter. If buying the race pro set sounds too easy, we'll cut a length of skin off the roll for you to use as you please. Most folks will want to attach them to skis using a tip cord, which you can attempt to fashion yourself or go ahead and buy the Top Fix from Pomoca. Avoid the contentious environmental issue of skin waste and get exactly the length you need. Priced per centimeter, so make sure to get hundreds if you actually want to climb anything. Or just get a few for decoration and petting.

Choose the 62mm width for extra grip or go with 59mm for maximum glide. Luckily Pomoca chose hot pink for you.

Update 2016/17: Pomoca has now released a 2.0 version of the race skin with even more glide.

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Questions & Reviews

RandyOakley (used product regularly)
These skins are impressive. Slide forward much easier than glidelite skins used previously on the pair of skis I use these on. Glue is good too. Rolls up very small and easily fits in my jacket pockets.
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Patrick (downright abused product)
The Pomoca race skins are on worldcup podiums time and again for good reason. In comparison to coltex PDG race skins and atomic ultimate race skins, these are the winner.

-Untouchable glide. Laughable really. Add some skin wax and you're on cloud 9.
-Traction, for how well they glide, is really impressive. They require good technique in challenging conditions, as any race skin does, but their low weight and great glide don't translate into reduced grip.
-Water repellent: more so than coltex and atomic, the treatment on the plush is good at holding off water when the conditions get rough. Not perfect, but good by comparison.
-Glue: The glue layer is thin thin thin but sticks like a boss and is fairly resistant to total failure in wet conditions.

-Durability is not great in icy conditions, tending to shed plush underfoot a bit faster than the coltex do.
-Native tip attachment: not my favorite. Very secure most of the time, almost too secure. I don't trust the black plastic tab and prefer to have a tip loop made of knotted cord, which will never fail. Buy them off the roll and make your own.
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Veenstra (used product a few times)
I recently outfitted my fast and light setup with a pair of these skins, my first venture into skins designed for glide rather than maximum grip or durability. I thought I'd wait until I had a chance to really asses the damage before posting a quick review.

I was initially quite excited about them. The glue was (is?) amazing - I had difficulty removing it from the release sheets, without leaving chunks of release sheet stuck to the skins, and on a short test trip they gripped the bases just as well yet didn't leave any glue behind when I peeled them. And who doesn't like hot pink?

Unfortunately, I seem to have irreversibly damaged the plush on the first "real" trip during a single 1000m climb (that ended with me carrying my skis). Granted, conditions were pretty firm on that trip... but I would still classify it as snow with a crust, not compact neve-ice or anything. Proceeding up the slope with ski-crampons I was initially impressed, since they seemed to grip just as well as the burly nylon I am used to, so I picked an aggressive angle. After some time they began to occasionally slip back, so I picked less and less aggressive angles until I was eventually slide-stepping and took the skis off. Once on a more gradual slope I put them back on only to discover they basically didn't grip at all anymore. Inspecting them I could see that the plush over the entire under-foot area was sticking straight out, rather than leaning back in the direction of travel. I finished the day carrying my skis.

I thought there was a chance they just had some unseen ice causing problems and might recover, and perhaps they did to a small degree... subsequent trips reveal they still have ok grip on corn snow. But the plush isn't really the same anymore, and since I generally only use these skis to do long daytrips far from bailout options I don't think I can really trust them.

Despite basically lasting 1 trip for me I still gave them 3 stars because I understand that maybe I'm too abusive for this style of skins... but it's a problem I thought was worth mentioning as I hadn't even really considered the possibility. I'd never seen a skin plush "fail" before, but I guess it can happen. For comparison I've got a pair of BD nylon glidelight skins that have been reglued twice, outlived and been re-cut for 3 different skis, and done 3 month-long trips, 3 long speed traverses, and who-knows what else over maybe 6 years. They are starting to show some signs of wear, but are still basically going strong.

I guess it's back to nylon for me...
Reply from Patrick
By comparison, nylon skins are like dragging around carpet samples. It's no wonder you had a bad experience in terms of traction if you're used to walking on brillo pads in addition to ski crampons.

I've also had durability issues when using these skins on ice, but you have to recognize that they're race skins, not built for daily abuse.

If you want to rejoin the enlightened and skin on mohair, try a more durable pomoca offering, like the climb pro glide which is pretty much the holy grail of daily touring.
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Question from Carleton Lane
That might be a typo: your title says skins per meter, but your price is $0.26.
That makes it 26 cents per meter, which as awesome of a deal that is........
So if you are selling it for that I'll be happy to buy it.
Answer from Kathleen R
Hi Carleton, it's a classic bait and switch! You'll see in the description we crossed out meter and put centimeter. If you like to buy by the meter, sorry but you'll have to get used to the extra flexibility of centimeters :)
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Question from Steve Lawlor
Will you be getting any more 70mm Pomoca Race skins by the meter this season?
Answer from jbo
Hi Steve, unfortunately not. I didn't even get any myself before it was gone!
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Jesse M (used product regularly)
I have used Pomoca skins and CAMP skins for racing for just over a year now and am really impressed with Pomoca skins. The two main reasons are better skin glue and MUCH better water repellency.

Buying the material by the CM is a BRILLIANT idea both for reducing waste and for value. I cut my skins a foot shy of the back of my 161 long PDGs and have experienced no noticeable increase in slippage on uphills. The reason I mention this is that for $70 and a few rivets and bungee I can make a great pair of race skins that cost HALF of what most prefab skins cost.

Kind of a no brainer!
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