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I picked these bindings because of the features they offered with minimal weight. That is the biggest pro to me. I was worried about the high heel to toe delta, but haven't really noticed it. Pros: -Light (given the feature set) -Inexpensive -Optional brakes with great stowing during tour mode -Safe release -Independently rotating heel pins Cons: -Toe step-in is not quite as easy as other popular brands (using Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro boots) -Heel is somewhat challenging to turn -Toe iced up one time I lef...
Hey Nick, yes. The heel is challenging to rotate, but it does rotate to offer a flat-on-ski touring mode.
I read on another site that Fritschi brakes are interchangeable. They made it sound like Vipec brakes could be used on the Xenic. Can you confirm? I'm looking at pairing Xenics with 116 underfoot skis. Thanks!
Hello! Silly me bought Volkl VTA 88 Lites and BD Helio 110 bindings. The "H" mounting pattern on the ski is incompatible with the binding hole layout. - The "H" starts at 26.2mm wide and goes to 54.2mm wide. - The Helio mount pattern is 30x27mm for the toe and 25x34mm for the heel (according to your chart on Hole Pattern Recognition) I feel somewhat comfortable with the toe dimensions, but think it would be silly to mount the heel with the current dimensions. Thus, I started looking at adjustment plates w...
Awesome, and thanks for the quick response! There was a reviewer on the BD site that said there was no flat setting which seemed strange since BD advertises the binding as having two riser levels.

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