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Black Diamond Helio 110 Binding


Built for flat-out speed in the most challenging environments, the Black Diamond Helio 110 binding has been stripped down to the essentials for minimized weight with zero fuss. The geometry of the toe piece has been shaped to allow for incredibly smooth, crisp, and powerful wing action. The tech pincers lock onto your boot with authority despite half of the springs being removed to save weight. The well-tested binding is almost mindless to step into and will work just as gracefully with touring boots as it does with carbon race boots. On the heel, the titanium fork and heel flaps are replaceable to keep the binding as fresh in its fifth season as its first. The Black Diamond Helio 110 is the workhorse race binding designed for hard charging performance year after year in less-than-ideal conditions.

  • Long toe lever with extra leverage and a roller-bearing make for smooth transitions.
  • Monolink Technology 1.0 removed half the springs in the toe piece for weight savings without reducing any system stiffness.
  • Toe has a leash attachment and a nook for the tip of your pole to open the wings.
  • Heel flap has a tension-adjustment bolt so you can dial-in the stiffness of the flap and adjust for wear.
  • Titanium heel-springs are super light and can be replaced if they become worn.
  • Optional crampon receptors accept Helio crampons.
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 228g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   None
BSL Adjustment   Accessory plates
Riser Heights   1 + flat
Vertical Release   Fixed
Lateral Release   Fixed
Crampon Ready   Removable accessory
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Aluminum alloy, Titanium
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, touring, race inspired touring
Notes Smooth lever action due to bearing
Bottom Line Light yet strong
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Rick Whitson
I recently bought some new Scarpa F1s at your store and currently ski on Voile V8s. Last year picked up some BD Helio 110 bindings and was wondering how this combination would work.
Answer from jbo
Hi Rick, many folks do ski race bindings on powder planks without issue. It's not ideal for crushing hardpack, but why would you do that on a V8? Also, with a 4mm heel gap, it won't hold up to hard landings on soft skis in soft snow that cause significant de-camber.

For anyone else considering, this binding is still available as the Hagan WC.
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Jonathan S (used product regularly)
I have a little over 200,000' vertical so far on a pair with a competitor's rebranding, but exactly the same model.
Overall, a very nicely balanced binding, as ATK has kept evolving its race model line over the years with constant refinements (i.e., as opposed to bouncing around from one totally different design to another).
Everything works very smoothly, the release value seems about right for the typical skimo racer, and the toe jaw strength is sufficient not to bother pulling up the lever for typical ascent segments in races.
The only two relatively minor caveats are that the Ti heel pins will eventually get notched (i.e., from your boot heel interface stomping down on them while skiing), and the heel cover can crack (by flipping up vertically then getting crushed by your boot heel when skinning).
The two offsetting factors are that you can get double the life out of the Ti heel pins by flipping them upside down once one side is significantly notched, and the heel cover breakage will be prevented if you pay attention to the heel cover tightness then give the Torx head screw a bit of a turn if ever gets too loose.
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Question from Nick
Would you be apprehensive to put this binding on something like a hyper v8? Would the 180 be a better choice for something like that?
Answer from Cole P
Nick, I would not be apprehensive to mount a Helio 110 on a Hyper V8, and think that would be a sweet set up!
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Question from Galen H
Are these compatible with any kind of brakes for race skis?
Answer from TSB
Hey Galen, your best bet will be to use the Kreuzspitze universal brakes which affix to the ski-crampon adapter on the toe piece of the Helio series. Of course, you'll also need the adapter itself, which doesn't come stock with the Helio 110. Happy ISMF-compliance to you!
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Question from Caleb
How much adjustment do you get out of the optional plates? How much do they weigh?
Answer from Cole P
Hey Caleb, the Black Diamond adjustment plates allow you 30mm to work with, and they weigh 40 grams for the pair.
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Question from rob
How do you transition the binding from downhill mode to uphill mode (i.e. release the heel)? Is there a way to do this without releasing the toe first?
Answer from TSB
Hey Rob, the binding is designed to transition from down to up by releasing the toe first (you're correct). In order to release from the binding without releasing the toe, you'd have to put enough force into the heel piece to make it release laterally or vertically, much as it would in the event of a crash.
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Question from Alex
The specs page lists the riser heights as "1 + flat". Is the flat riser level accessed by turning the heel 90 degrees?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Alex, you are correct!
Answer from Alex
Awesome, and thanks for the quick response! There was a reviewer on the BD site that said there was no flat setting which seemed strange since BD advertises the binding as having two riser levels.
Answer from Nick B
Are these actually able to use in a flat setting? It seems like the post only rotates for release, unless there is something I am missing?
Answer from Alex
Hey Nick, yes. The heel is challenging to rotate, but it does rotate to offer a flat-on-ski touring mode.
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Curly (downright abused product)
I am a huge fan of these bindings. They are rebranded ATK World Cup SL Evo's (which is the version I have). They're a competitive race weight and are far more confidence inspiring than any other binding at this weight that I have tried. The heels are mind-bogglingly light, but very solid (I love this release mechanism). The toes are works of art. The roller ball that works in the lockout is super smooth and fast for racing. These bindings are fast. Quick to step in, get out of, and fast skiing, a great race binding!
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