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Duncan R

Duncan R




6' 2"


171 lbs

Shoe Size

US 11.50

Skier Type

Type II - Moderate

Ski Frequency:


Recent Posts

update now i have these in hand: they do just barely go over zero g tour pros, but really only in downhill mode, which isn't super useful since usually i have issues with snow getting in in walk mode. Everything else about them is great, though -- as someone else mentioned, they're a great houdini alternative that works for skiing. I'll just need to add a bit of material to get them to go over my boots in walk mode. -- dkr
Thanks for the reply. I don't have them on the boots a.t.m. so can't take a picture, but I'm pretty darn sure they were on correctly. I suppose you could mount them inside out if you put your mind to it, but then the pull string would be inaccessible so you'd figure it out quickly. Also, it seems like pushing firmly on the "pull to release" text above the teeth does a good enough job of seating the teeth better than the spring can to mostly solve the problem, at least for me. Hopefully as the strap breaks ...

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