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Simple descriptive name, simple functional pants. The Light Pants from Crazy Idea are a full-length thin-nylon wind pant. With zippers down the side they can be quickly donned over a skin suit or softshell to provide protection from the wind. And at an ultralight weight, they make a great checklist item for a race. The pants have an elastic waist and cuff and can be stowed in a hidden back pocket. They also feature polyester/spandex stretch zones on the inner thighs and lower back.

  • Athletic fit was designed with skimo racing in mind.
  • Pants can be packed down into an internal waist pocket for storage.
  • Side zips let you put on and take off the pant while wearing boots & skis.
  • Matches the Tempest Light jacket for head to ankle wind protection.
  • Meets the UTMB/CCC checklist requirements.
convert to ounces
93g [L]
Ventilation Full side zips
Pockets No
Waist Elastic
Cuffs Elastic
Specs Verified Yes
Fit Overpant
Materials   Nylon with polyester/spandex stretch zones
Insulation N/A
Lining None
Coating DWR
Skimo Co Says
Usage Backup wind protection
Notes Full side zips
Bottom Line Ultralight backup
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Questions & Reviews

Question from dkr
Will the cuffs of these go over/function as gaiters for heavier non-skimo type boots (e.g. zero g tour pro)?
Answer from Jeremy L
Thanks for the question, dkr. I slipped these over a Zero-G boot and was able to get it to zip closed. With the elastic cuff, I imagine these would work fine as a gaiter. There is a little space and depending on how deep you're post holing and the type of snow you are somewhat likely to get a little snow up the leg.
Answer from Duncan R
update now i have these in hand: they do just barely go over zero g tour pros, but really only in downhill mode, which isn't super useful since usually i have issues with snow getting in in walk mode. Everything else about them is great, though -- as someone else mentioned, they're a great houdini alternative that works for skiing. I'll just need to add a bit of material to get them to go over my boots in walk mode. -- dkr
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Question from Karl
Can these be put on/taken off without unclipping from one's skis?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Karl, yes this is correct. The pants have full-length side zips down both legs.
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TSB (used product regularly)
Despite the gossamer appearance, the Light Pants are a pretty solid tool for winter and summer usage alike. I got a pair to replace my shredded Patagonia Houdini pants, which worked well for running but without a side zip didn't fit over ski boots well. These are perfect to layer over tights or a race suit on a chilly morning or to bring as a backup layer on high-elevation runs. Fortunately, they're a fairly slim fit (especially in the upper thighs) so don't bunch up while running or skiing faster to keep up with your already-acclimated ski partner(s). The stretch zones seem to help as well. Contrary to previous reviews, I've been impressed with the windproofing and find them at least as windproof as an insulated pant like the Dynafit Mezzalama. The Light Pants will definitely find their way into my running vest, race pack, and touring pack alike.
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Will (hasn't used product)
I bought these hoping for light wind proof pants. They are light, but they are NOT at all wind proof. Their wind permeability is comparable to fleece. A breeze penetrates very easily. Maybe it will pass as a checklist item for races, but actual usefulness as a windpant is nil. It is shocking to me that Crazy Idea actually puts “wind proof” on the tag.
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Question from Aaron O
I am doing 2018 PDG and looking for an overpant for my race suit - it needs to be light but also something I am going to be happy to have at 11k' in the middle of the night - are these robust enough? What about water-resistance? Same for the matching jacket? (I really like to match.)
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Aaron! Woo, PDG! Let us know how it goes! They're extremely light and fast but robust isn't the word I'd use to describe them. Water resistance is fairly minimal. Dry snow? No problem. Super wet, heavy snow? The fabric might get a bit overwhelmed. I could be wrong so you'll want to double check, but I'm pretty sure you need a top and bottom insulating layer for that race? The Crazy Idea Half Blade, Dynafit Mezzalama Alpha Pants, or Millet Pierra Menta Alpha Pant would all be really solid, suitable options for an active insulating layer with high breathability, some water resistance, and full side-zips.
Answer from Aaron O
Insulation not required for pants but these don't sound like the answer? Any other idea?
Answer from jbo
Hi Aaron, these were designed as a backup race/wind layer, exactly for your use case. It's enough to block the wind and add a few degrees, but they aren't insulated. They are predominantly thin, light nylon, same as other pants in the category. They have a DWR to shed precip, but it's not a full Gore membrane or anything.
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Question from Jon

What size would you recomend in Crazy Idea Lignt Pant for me: 5´9´´ - 5´10´´ (176-177 cm) tall, 33 - 34 in (87cm) waist, and 154 -158 lb (70 - 72 kg) weight, man.

Thank you so much!

Answer from jbo
Hi Jon, you could do either the M or L. Since it's an overpant, the L would be a bit easier to take on and off.
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Question from Mark
Two questions.
1. What size would you recommend in these for a 6'1 33 waist man?
2. Are you bringing in any more Camp flash competition pants in med.?
- Mark
Answer from jbo
Hi Mark,
1. Easy, that's me. I prefer the large, but you could get into the medium if you like it tight.
2. Unfortunately the Flash pant has been discontinued.
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