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Need more power? Get new Power straps to replace those worn-out ones. Or adapt Dynafit's neat Quick Release system to other boots. All straps are sold in left/right pairs.

TLT6 Power Straps - These are hard to find, but if you are willing to use your imagination, you can make the 2 holes of the TLT7 power straps work with the single bolt hole of the TLT6.

TLT7 Power Straps - A pair of removable power straps for your TLT7s. These come in three size ranges: 22.5-25.5, 26.0-28.5, or 29.0-30.5.

Vulcan Power Straps - Removable power straps for your Vulcan. Every two shell sizes have their own Power Strap.

TLT8 Carbonio Powers Straps - A pair of power straps for the TLT8 Carbonio boots.

TLT8 Expedition Powers Straps - A pair of power straps for the TLT8 Expedition boots.

Hoji Power Straps - A pair of power straps for all Hoji boots

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Questions & Reviews

Question from zzz
Can I replace the Radical Pro power strap with Hoji Free power strap? I really dislike the velcro on my Radical Pro.
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Comment from Nathan I
Note the TLT6 Performance CR has two bolt holes, not one as the info says at top. maybe the TLT6 Mountain CR has one hole and that is what is being referred to
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Question from Neil
The Speedfit strap looks promising as a replacement for the velcro strap on my Zzero 4C. Same 30 mm width and single rivet hole. The Zzero strap is about 22" long (on 30.5), can be made quite slack for climbing. Any reason it wouldn't work well or is there a more equivalent replacement?
Answer from Ian C
Hey Neil, I measured the 30.5 Speedfit power strap at 21.5", so it may have less adjustability to slacken when you are in walk mode. Otherwise, it sounds like a reasonable replacement!
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Question from Alex P
I just purchased the PDG 2 power straps and just curious what tool you use to install the rivets? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Guys you are killing it on BC Gear!
Answer from Will McD
Hey Alex, Dynafit actually uses a full-on rivet press to install those, which is what we use as well. For installing them at home, I would use either some generic nut+bolt combo or use a couple 1/4in Chicago rivets.
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Question from Sam
I have 27.5 TLT7s that came without a power strap and want to add one. I see you don't have the exact size for TLT7s. My calves are a little skinny. Would you size down to the 22.5-25.5 range, or could I use the correct size for TLT8s? What would you recommend?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Sam, thanks for reaching out! I'd recommend getting the TLT8 power strap in the 26.0-28.5.
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Question from Zach
Can I use the TLT Speedfit powerstrap for my TLT6s instead of trying to get the TLT7 straps to work, as suggested in the description? Looks like the Speedfit straps have just one hole each.

Is it the same mechanism?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Zach! With some slight ingenuity, you should be able to make the TLT Speedfit Strap work. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from T Anderson
Would these work on Fischer Travers?
Answer from Teddy Young
These wouldn't function quite the same as the stock power strap/buckle combo on that boot, but send us a message at "" and let us know which size boot you have and if it is left or right. We'll see if we have any parts that'll work!
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Question from Jeremy G
I'm looking for a cam style power strap to replace the velcro strap on my la sportiva skorpius boots. I was originally thinking TLT7 but it looks like the speed fit strap doesnt have any grommets in it (which would be preferred). Is this accurate? Also is it made of a similar material to the TLT7 strap with no stretch? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Jeremy, yes that's accurate on both counts. You likely wouldn't be able to use a grommet anyhow as it wouldn't line up. Works fine without.
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Question from John K
Is it possible to replace an Arc'teryx Procline Carbon power strap with a Dynafit model? My boots are a size 26, and I would like to add a hefiter, stiffer strap. Any info would help. Thank you!
Answer from Julieana
Hey John, the dynafit power straps aren't going to be any stiffer than the one on the Arc'teryx Procline Carbon, the only difference between them is that the strap on the Arc'teryx is a little wider across the shin. The holes in the straps are in different places, so though it is doable to swap them if you poke some new holes in the dynafit strap, it will take a little work and may wear out over time. If you're looking for a more elastic strap that you can really cinche down your best bet will be to get some booster straps.
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Question from Ben
Hi there,

My Hoji power straps are bottoming out because they are too long for my skinny ankles. Will sizing down on a pair of replacement straps help this?
Answer from TSB
Hey Ben, yes, you could definitely size down with the power strap to get a tighter fit! The other option would be to set your strap a screw-hole shorter than the stock two-hole connection (though in this setting you might still run out of strap).
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Question from John
What width are these power straps? I need to replace the straps on my Scarpa T1 telemark boots. The original straps are 1.25 inches wide. The strap has to fit through a plastic piece so if your straps are wider than that I don't know it they would work. Thanks.
Answer from Cole P
John, I just measure the TLT 7 power strap and it comes in at 1.25 inches. So it should work fine. The TLT 8 power straps measure right at 1 inch.
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Question from Stephen
Looking to throw a powerstrap on my alien RS like the previous comment described. Looks like you're out of the medium sized straps. Any idea if you will be getting more of these in stock or would I be ok with the smaller size? I am in a 27 alien. Thanks!
Answer from Jeff
Stephen, Look again. We just got them in.
Answer from Christopher S
Will the TLT 7 medium straps be in stock again?
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Question from Jim
Hi guys. I'm looking to add TLT 7 power straps to my size 29.0 Scarpa Alien RS boots (per Brian H.'s helpful blog). What size straps should I get? I have skinny calves and like to crank down on power straps. I am not sure if the Dynafit size 29.0 - 30.5 straps will be too long, if their cuff sizing is not comparable to Scarpa's, if that makes sense. Thanks.
Answer from TSB
Hey Jim, good call on the power strap addition! You will find the 29.0-30.5 TLT powerstraps to be about the right diameter, but if you want to crank down on the straps more, the 26.0-28.5 may work even better. Happy modding.
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Question from Conor P
Looking to add some power to my pair of original Aliens (the all plastic version) without going back to the included velcro straps...would a pair of the TLT7 powerstraps applied via a drilled modification do the trick?
Answer from TSB
Hey Conor, good call on the Alien/TLT7 powerstrap combo mod! Highly recommended, as long as you don't mind the added transition time. Brian Harder has a great visual of the modification on his blog.
Answer from Conor P
Thanks TSB! I am not racing in them, so a few extra seconds for a added support sounds worth it. Brian's modification looks perfect, and he hasn't steered me wrong yet modifying my other equipment.
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Question from Michael M
Do any of these power straps have a single mounting hole in the back? I was looking to upgrade some Scarpa boots and they have a single mount point in the back.
Answer from Jeff
Michael, they have two holes but you can only use one. We will soon have some Scarpa F1 straps in if that will work better. They will be here - Scarpa straps
Answer from Paul L
Any idea when the F1 Power Staps will be in stock?
Answer from Patrick C

We are expecting the power straps late next week!

Answer from Paul L looks like the Scarpa F1 Power Straps are still not available. I have a 28.5 F1..would this Dynafit Strap work and what size?

Answer from Patrick C

At this point I am not expecting the F1 straps any time soon as we have not seen them in quite a while. If you are referring to the upper strap on the F1, the TLT7 strap would be a good replacement as it is just about the same width. You would need to drill two holes in the plastic of the boot however since the attachment pattern is different than the F1. If you do go this direction I would get the largest strap to give you plenty of extra material to grab when you cinch down, especially if you do so with gloves on. If you want more specific info. feel free to email us at Hop this helps!
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Question from Erik
I see Mercury velcro strap only in the description, but not the drop down.... figure that means you're out? Seems like it should be fairly standard though... have recommencations on different strap that'll work. Not picky over color or style.
Answer from jbo
Hi Erik, yes we are out of stock, likely for good. Generally you can fit any powerstrap to any boot if you're comfortable putting holes in things. I use the TLT7 strap on several boots as the quick release system is nice.
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Question from Zac
I have a pair of TLT7 Performance boots and wish to add the same power strap that comes on the expedition model to them. Do the power straps come with the screws/rivets to mount? Has anybody done this/have you found an effective way to mount these?
Answer from jbo
Hi Zac, a set of power straps come with the TLT7P. They do come with hardware if bought separately as well (and mount right in the holes on your cuff).
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Question from psathyrella
I bought these tlt7 power straps to add to a different boot, and while the cam buckle system is really convenient, I can't figure out how to keep them from slipping. Even in mild carpet testing, it slips a half cm or so, enough that it's really not as supportive as you'd expect. Is there a trick to this?

Answer from jbo
Hi psathyrella, maybe you can send us a photo of how they are mounted? We're not aware of any slippage issues or tricks to rectify.
Answer from Duncan R
Thanks for the reply. I don't have them on the boots a.t.m. so can't take a picture, but I'm pretty darn sure they were on correctly. I suppose you could mount them inside out if you put your mind to it, but then the pull string would be inaccessible so you'd figure it out quickly.

Also, it seems like pushing firmly on the "pull to release" text above the teeth does a good enough job of seating the teeth better than the spring can to mostly solve the problem, at least for me. Hopefully as the strap breaks in it'll get more flexible and this won't be necessary.
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Question from Mike
Is the 24.5 Mercury Velcro Strap long enough to work on 27.5 boots? It seems like there is more than enough velcro on the appropriately sized straps
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Mike! I don't have a 27.5 Mercury here to test this on, but I agree that there is more than enough velcro on each boot, so it is totally possible that it'd work.
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Question from Craig Pope
i’m looking for the velcro “power strap” for the TLT5’s...from what i read, only the buckles are that true, or do you sell them??
Answer from Nate
Hi Craig, we do not have any of those available. We do have the TLT7 power straps which you could likely retrofit pretty easily, though they utilize a camlock style buckle instead of velcro.
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