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Oliver B
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I chose these as my first dedicated racing/training boot because of the good price point as well as decent feedback. Since early december I've put about 20,000 meters on these guys and skied 18 days. I come from a downhill/slalom skiing background, am about 5'9'', and weight about 150 pounds.... so just keep that in mind for my review. Uphill: These boots are fantastic for the up. Great range of motion, strong and durable sole for climbing and walking on crud, and a solid overall comfort. At first I did...
Brilliant binding. I've used it on everything from bulletproof to heavy west-coast style power. This binding does it all. You can hop off cliffs and jump turn to your hearts content. It releases in situations you need it to release and holds fast in the most precarious of situations. highly recommended for any racer or speed tourer!

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