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Height:6' 1"
Weight:175 lbs
Shoe Size:N/A
Skier Type:N/A
Ski Frequency:N/A

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Is it more important for the crampon heel to line up lengthwise with the boot heel (left), or for the crampon heel posts to fit snugly around the heel of the boot (right)? I'm guessing the latter but I'm not sure. Apparently the Backland Pro has a pretty narrow heel.
As far as I can tell the only difference between these and the non-"Pro" version is the fabric; Dynashell vs Dynastretch. I'm guessing Dynashell is more weather resistant at the expense of some breathability? Any other differences? Could you recommend one over the other for touring in fair-ish weather? I'd probably switch back to my hardshell pants in a heavy wet storm. Thanks!

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