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It doesn't matter if you're just getting into backcountry skiing or have skied 100 days a season for the last 40 years-- everyone needs a good pair of ski pants. Historically, skiers have had to choose between stretchy or waterproof, and lightweight or durable, but the Dynafit Mercury Pro 2 pants eliminate that decision entirely. Made of a stretchy, spandex-infused blend, the Mercury Pro pants are windproof and water resistant, and strike the perfect balance between protecting you from the elements without being too heavy or thick. A zip at the back of each cuff allows for easy ski/walk lever adjustment, while an internal boot gaiter keeps snow out. Burly kick panels on the inside of the lower leg will stand up to stray crampon points and sharp ski edges, and even a sharp stick or two for when you have to bushwhack out the bottom of the gully. Mesh-backed vent zips keep snow out while still allowing you to dump excess heat, and an adjustable waistband helps to articulate the fit as you widen and then shrink around the holidays. The Dynafit Mercury Pro 2 pants are perfect for epic days in the backcountry and short morning tours alike.

  • The spandex blend material which these pants are made from is both stretchy and wind/waterproof, great for wallowing up a couloir.
  • Reinforced panels on the inside of the lower leg resist puncture from whatever sharp or pointed objects you have the misfortune to brush against.
  • The lower leg zip has been moved to the back (rather than the outside) of the leg, great for adjusting ski/walk levers as well as crampons.
  • A dedicated beacon pocket located just below the hip of the pants has an internal clip to smoothly secure your beeper.
  • Waist band can be internally adjusted, and belt loops are sewn on to make a belt or bibs easy to use or attach.
  • As a ski pant, it should go without saying that the lower cuff is big enough to fit around ski boots.
convert to ounces
550g [M]
Ventilation Side zip with mesh back
Pockets Hand pockets and Beacon pocket with clip
Waist Adjustable waist
Cuffs Adjustable cuff and cutouts for ski/walk levers
Specs Verified Yes
Fit Athletic fit with room for layers
Materials   46% Polyester, 42% Nylon, 12% Lycra
Insulation None
Coating DWR
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski touring
Notes Wind and water repellent softshell for winter touring
Bottom Line Full featured touring pant for the non Lycra group
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Questions & Reviews

Zach W (used product regularly)
I use these pants for all touring that I do. Dynafit has found a great balance of fleece lining and breathability such that they are very comfortable (temperature-wise) for all Utah touring except for sunny spring conditions. The stretch fabric is really great; I never feel constrained by my pants, and there's not too much fabric swimming around. Yesterday, I finally found the limit of the water repellance: while breaking trail for about an hour through deep, heavy snow, the thigh was getting a bit a bit wet. That's the only time the fabric has gotten noticeably wet in the past 40 or so days.

Things I would change:
- Add additional reinforcement to the inside of the boot cuff. When booting or breaking trail through deep powder, the cuff buckle abrades the inside. This is one of my concerns for longterm wear.
- The bottom pocket is just OK. It has a nice sub-pocket for your phone (my Galaxy S10+ fits great), but anything in the main pocket will snag on your knee and pull on the waistband.
- Venting could be more aggressive. The vents are mesh-backed, which I suppose I'm fine with, but they are not very big. When vents are needed, the ones on this pant are not the most effective.
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WasatchMcQuack (downright abused product)
Stretchy, breathable, snug fitting, durable, what's not to love! I wear these and only these for touring in all weather conditions. If it's stupid cold, a base layer fits easy underneath, otherwise I run next to skin 95% of the time. The screened vents are great in that they don't expose directly to skin, but still dump heat easily. Only downside with these is that Dynafit only makes clothing for aliens (skimo racers) that are 10 feet tall and 20" waists. I had to have a pair tailored for my more "normal" American body-style.
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John B (used product a few times)
Versatile pant with a non-skimo fit. I wear these for cold weather touring, resort laps and exploring around with my 3 year old on classic XC. They fit over boots well and are windproof. They breathe pretty well but I feel the side vents don't do much. I also wish the pockets were a bit more ergonomic. The top waist pockets are a little awkward and the mid thigh pocket is a bit small to easily fit my phone. Not deal killers but my reason for knocking them down a star.
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dang3rtown (used product a few times)
See my review for the jacket but this is pretty much the same... Incredibly good "feel", maybe the best all around ski clothing I have.

Specific to the pants; a bit more mechanical venting would be nice but no complaints. Cuff can be a hair tight but no different than other, similar pants. I love these things.
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Question from Tyler
As far as I can tell the only difference between these and the non-"Pro" version is the fabric; Dynashell vs Dynastretch. I'm guessing Dynashell is more weather resistant at the expense of some breathability? Any other differences?

Could you recommend one over the other for touring in fair-ish weather? I'd probably switch back to my hardshell pants in a heavy wet storm. Thanks!
Answer from TSB
Hey Tyler, we haven't seen a massive difference in fabrics between the Dyna-designs; they're both fairly breathable pants with a water-resistant DWR coating. The Mercury Pro is a little stiffer out of the box, however, and slightly looser-fitting. I would go for the non-Pro (...amateur?) if you were looking for a pant for sunny spring days with a side of speedy winter tours, or the Pro if you wanted a powder-trouser.
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Question from Andy
What would the appropriate size be for someone 6'2 and 170lbs? Medium? Thanks!
Answer from Jeff
Andy, the medium should be your fit. A really solid pair of soft shell pants.
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