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andrew d

andrew d




6' 1"


168 lbs

Shoe Size

US 10.50

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:

100+ days / year


My Skiing

Light and fast ski mountaineering

Recent Posts

I use this tool just about every day. My only complaint is about the weight since the word carbon in the name should denote a lighter version. Regardless, I take it with me as I feel the uses of the adze outweigh any weight penalties. I've used it to remove snow from bindings, as a screw driver, and for a dozen other applications that don't have much to do with actual skiing. When skiing though, it is most useful on the up, to increase security on steep firm snow. On the down, it's a nice mental crutch...
I've been using this pack for some racing and light n fast tours. I chose it for the speed of the ski attachment system as the "clip" is the fastest design in the market. I've tried others by CAMP, Trab, etc, but this style for me is the fastest. It's not the most secure and that must be understood before trying to get too rad with the skis attached. Overall, it's a high performance pack that does exactly what it's supposed to do. Oh, it's also a little more spacious than most other race packs which ...
I've been using these for all my "big" skis and they have been great. The glide is comparable to other full mohair skins, they are durable, and climb well. I have about 40 days on a pair that have been used in every condition imaginable, including skinning rocks and ice, and they show no signs of appreciable wear. My only pseudo complaint is that the glue isn't great but I have yet to have a skin failure so maybe that's in my head. Anyway, it's nothing a little extra gold label couldn't solve. I'll def...
I've gone through a few pairs of these over the last couple years and after trying every other type of skin, I think they are the fastest. They are also one of the lightest, fold the smallest, and come in varying widths which is nice when one needs better climbing ability. The glue isn't the best, but that is easily remedied by adding a touch of gold label to the tails.

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