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John L

John L




6' 3"


190 lbs

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Type III+ - Expert

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I’ve used these crampons a handful of time’s now. The snow conditions leading to the booter seem to make a big difference on whether or not they ice up. I had a few occasions that they side right in and one that was about a half hour of fighting the ice on the bottom of the boot before finally getting it to go. After the bad experience I took a bit of time off the mountain to figure out exactly where to scrap and how to line them up (the trick seems to be having the inside of the crampon lined up with the i...
My favorite feature on this boot is the single lever that works the top buckle and the strap. It’s the simplest transition from ski to walk mode. I’m a fairly aggressive skier who is used to skiing a race plug boot and this is the first touring boot I’ve found that hasn’t disappointed me on the downhill performance while still being light and nimble on the up. The only downside of this boot is that it didn’t fit my foot well out of the box so I’ve had to do extensive fitting to get it right on my foot. Bu...

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