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When center-punching a face at mach-speed, the benefits of a tall, stiff, and supportive boot are undeniable. Unfortunately, that usually means a boot that is too heavy, doesn’t walk well, and limits your range to faces that have already been centered-punched. Dynafit is now asking, “what if you could have it all?” The Hoji Pro Tour delivers impressive walking capabilities with a ski mode that will make you feel like you’re at the resort. Literally zero play in the ski/walk mechanism! The Hoji Lock is an ingenious Grilamid spoiler combined with a powerful throw lever that creates massive contrast between walk mode and ski mode. You’ll find yourself removing the liner just to watch it work, wondering how you didn’t think of it. Walking resistance literally moves out of the way when you open the throw. Furthermore, the Speed Nose is shaped to plow through powder and moves the toe-fittings back to enable a more natural stride. This saves energy and eliminates the “diving-fin” effect that some boots with large toe welts produce. When you get to the top of the face, reverse the throw and it’s game-on. The spoiler and lever lock in a way that leaves no wiggle-room. The Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour is the free-ride concept we’ve been waiting for. If you’re lucky enough to fit it well (the boot is very wide upfront yet low volume over the foot), your prayers have been answered.

  • Progressive forward flex is capable of driving huge skis at speed in any condition.
  • Hoji Lock is clean, crisp, and incredibly powerful ski/walk mode mechanism.
  • Ultra-Lock power strap uses a cam-lock design for precision control.
  • Speed Nose offers a more natural stride and trail-breaking prowess.
  • Cool Cramp-In system is a simple, secure, and fast crampon attachment design.
  • Forward lean can be increased to 15° with optional spoilers.
convert to ounces
1486g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 2972g [27.5]
Buckles   Safety lock buckles
Boot Sole Length   281mm [25.0/25.5]
291mm [26.0/26.5]
301mm [27.0/27.5]
311mm [28.0/28.5]
321mm [29.0/29.5]
331mm [30.0/30.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech only
Cuff Rotation   55°
Forward Lean(s)   11°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Grilamid
Liner   Dynafit Custom Light
Sole   Pomoca
Skimo Co Says
Usage Free touring
Notes Hoji Lock has zero play in ski mode
Bottom Line Just hope it fits you
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Trent
What volume intuition pro tour liner would be a good replacement for my 27.5 hojis? Would a size 28/MV liner fit like the stock liner?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Trent,

The Medium Volume/12mm thickness would be my recommendation if you want to replicate/go slightly thicker than stock. The Low Volume will be a little thinner than stock. I would go with a size 27 liner. You could probably squeeze the 28 in there, but it will be a bit bigger overall and so will probably take up more room in the shell than the 27.
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Question from Joakim E
Hi! I need new liner for my Dynafit Hoji PX, can you recommend one for me?
Answer from Emmett I

If the stock liner fit well, the Palau Power LT would be a good option!
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Question from Jeffrey C
Hi -- what would be a good replacement liner for the Hoji Pro Tour 27.0?
Answer from Ian C
Hi Jeffrey, the Palau Power LT or Intuition Pro Tour would both be good, supportive liners for these boots!
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Calvin E (used product regularly)
I've been enjoying the Hoji Pro Tour boots for most of the 2020-2021 season. This is a touring boot that is tough enough to aggressively ski the resorts! Single-control for walk mode is very nice (just flip lever, no need to mess with buckles). Indeed, this boot is what I've been skiing the resorts with this year, including some big lines at Snowbird. (Even my resort skis have touring bindings, in case I hit the sidecountry) Amazing how stiff and supportive it is, for its light weight. I have not skinned with them, since I have other boots for that. Downside is, took new liners and and a good amount of bootfitting to make them comfortable.
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John L (used product regularly)
My favorite feature on this boot is the single lever that works the top buckle and the strap. It’s the simplest transition from ski to walk mode. I’m a fairly aggressive skier who is used to skiing a race plug boot and this is the first touring boot I’ve found that hasn’t disappointed me on the downhill performance while still being light and nimble on the up.

The only downside of this boot is that it didn’t fit my foot well out of the box so I’ve had to do extensive fitting to get it right on my foot. But if you’re one of the lucky ones who had the right foot shape there are no down sides to this boot.
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Question from Chris
Are these compatible with kingpins?
Answer from Jeremy L
Chris, thanks for reaching out. The Hoji Pro Tour is only compatible with tech bindings. Also, the Kingpin boot adapter will not work as this boot has a Masterstep Tech insert.
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Question from Norm L
How would you compare the fit of the Hoji Pro Tour to the TLT 8? I have the TLT8 and find I have a bit too much room over my toes and instep on my left foot. Old injury to my right foot means I have two very different boot fit feet. I like the idea of a third buckle to help lock my foot in more securely but don't want to lose very much volume. Unfortunately nobody has a pair near me to try on.
Answer from jbo
Hi Norm, they are quite different! The Pro Tours are very low over the instep, which it sounds like your right foot would find objectionable.
Answer from Calvin E
I have both the TLT 8 and the Hoji Pro Tours. I've read several reviews that say the Pro Tours are low over the instep, but that has not been the case for me. Almost seems like the new version may have more space (just got the Pro Tours). Anyway, the toe box and instep area for TLT 8 and Hoji Pro Tours fit the same for me. However, the ankle area is definitely much tighter in the Pro Tours, than the TLT 8.
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Question from Max Casson
Hi Skimo, I recently tried on a size 28, the boot (right) was tight across the top of my foot close to the ankle. If I went up to a 29 / 30 would this help add volume in this area? Cheers, Max
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Max,

If you would like help finding the correct boot size, I recommend you fill out our boot fitter form. We can work with you via email, or over the phone to really pinpoint the correct size once we get a little more information.
Answer from jbo
Hi Max, the Hoji Pro Tour is low volume across the instep. It's generally not recommended to upsize a boot to "fix" that issue as it will likely cause problems in other areas. You'll want to look at other boots instead. For what it's worth, the Hoji "Free" version is more accommodating in that area. Definitely visit the boot fitter!
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Question from Andrew W
Hi..I have The Scarpa Alien RS in sz 29 and love them. Looking for another boot with a bit more beef and control for my bigger skis. These look great. My sz 29 Scarpas give me a very comfortable all-day in the mountains fit with some room in the toe which I like. what sz would I be in these?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Andrew. Scarpa does their sizing differently than most in that their shells break on the half size (a 28.5/29.0 is the same shell) whereas most other manufacturers break on the full size (a 28./28.5 is the same shell). Because of this you could size a few different ways: If you are willing to sacrifice some comfort for performance, the 28/28.5 would be worth trying out (it could still be comfortable, it just may require some extra love from a bootfitter). If you want a comfortable boot for long tours and are willing to sacrifice some performance the 29/29.5 would be good to check out. It is worth noting that you will see half size as well as full size options in the drop down menu. The shell sizing covered above still applies, however, the liners change to account for small size differences. For example, a 27 and 27.5 will share the same shell but the 27 will have a little bulkier liner than the 27.5. If you have any further questions please feel free to email us at or give us a call at (801) 942-9084. Cheers!
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Question from Michael C
I understand that the 27.0 and 27.5 of the Hoji Pro Tour will be the same shell size, but I am wondering about the liner. Is the liner the same thickness? Or asking another way, what is the actual difference between 27.0 and 27.5?
Answer from eric
Michael, There is no difference between shell, liner or footbed for the 27.0 and the 27.5. Just stickers on the box.
Answer from Vince H
There must be a difference, no? The 27 is the perfect shell for me but I need a little more volume. I was told the the 27.5 would come with a thinner liner. So I want to order the 27.5.
Answer from Patrick C

They are indeed the same in all respects. If the shell fit on the 27 is spot on then you should get that extra volume with a heat mold. These boots come with a fairly thick Sidas liner, which will compress quite a bit for extra volume. Hope this helps!
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Question from Michael Nowicki
Can you break these liners in the old fashioned way by just wearing/skiing them?

Also, Can these liners be heat molded at home?

If so, what is recommended procedure?

Answer from TSB
Hi Michael, you certainly can! They're relatively thin liners (by the standards of bigger boots) so some day-to-day use should help mold them to your feet. You can also definitely pop them in the oven for 4-5min. at 250F, then use typical heat-molding procedures to let them conform to your feet.
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Question from Gary Olsen
Hi, foot size of 28.5, rt foot has a long 2nd toe. it seems a bit tight in the 28.5. would moving up to a 29/29.5 be too big? My current boots are 29 and they are jus barely too big, i use a large cork footed and thicker socks but I have never had an issue wih blisters or anything even while doing things like Rainier and Adams up here in the PNW.

I would really appreciate your help.

Answer from TSB
Hey Gary, without getting too much into the weeds of bootfitting it sounds like the 29.0 Hoji would work well for you. Don't hesitate to shoot us a note at if you want to dive into some additional bootfit details!
Answer from Calvin E
FWIW, I needed the Hoji in 29 to get the kind of fit I have with my TLT8's in 28.5. Even so, I ended up with slightly more room in the foot box, yet significantly less room through the ankle region. That seems to be a common observation with this boot. However, the function and performance of the Hoji's is very well worth working through the fitting issues. A tech at SkiMo did a great job of solving my ankle rubbing!
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Question from STEPHEN D
Hi, this boot fits so nicely with nice forward lean and flex but what is the issue in the toe area?...limiting movement with some bindings?..y/n?
Answer from Jeff
Hi Stephen!! Always nice to find a boot that fits and that is stiff enough, as well. Are you referring to the lack of the toe? That is Dynafits Speed Nose design, and it won't work with frame bindings or the Shift. If you are using one of those bindings, the New Hoji Free is now here and will work with any type of binding. Hoji Free
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Question from Doug F
Howdy Skimo, my question regarding the Hoji Pro Tour relates to sizing. My left foot measures a 27.3 mm while my right is a 26.6 mm. I have been wearing a 27.5 TLT6-Performance for 3+ years now, but have a butterfly patch on my shorter foot, along with a bontex insole to take up the space.

Do you recommend the 27.5 or the 26.5? Thanks a ton for your help!!!
Answer from Jeff
Doug, That is a bit hard to answer with just that info. Please fill out our boot fitter boot fitter
What I can say is the Hoji would be about as wide as the TLT6 , but a bit lower volume.
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Comment from Pete
Unbelievable boot. Lock the walk mode and you're ready to go. The 11 degree forward lean is a godsend for me. Most boots range from 15-18 degrees. They make me feel like I'm skiing in high heels; not the Hojis. Heels down with a balanced stance

I would compare the fit to the old Dynafit Mercury. To bad they got rid of that boot. Wide in the toe and narrow in the heel. Both these boots have a great 3 buckle alignment that keeps your heel down.

What else? With the "Speed Nose" they removed the toe welt and moved the pivot point back a bit. Better for skinning, climbing and skiing. Why? Your toes are closer to the tip of the boot. Which is more natural for walking and also allows you to initiate your turn underfoot.

One thing I would like to see is a removable tongue for long approaches. With the way they have it set up right now, it wouldn't take much to design a pin system. Thanks Dynafit.
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Luke (hasn't used product)
Just got them. Haven’t hit the backcountry yet but the fit is amazing. Just added my own insoles. The construction is impressive and simple to switch from walk to ski. These boots really lock down in ski mode. Best fitting boot I’ve ever owned.
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Question from Allen
I have a 28 vulcan and a 29 tlt 6. Should I go with a 28 in the hoji boot?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Allen! That depends on a ton of different variables. The fact that you have two different sized boots from the same manufacturer makes me a little bit hesitant to recommend a certain size in this boot without getting more info from you, especially since the Hoji fits so very differently from both of the boots you're currently in. Send our boot fitting fairies an email and I'll be able to give you a more educated answer.
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