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Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour Boot

Brand: Dynafit
Model: Hoji Pro Tour
Shipping: FREE*
Availability: Fall - Notify Me
Price: $799.95

When center-punching a face at mach-speed, the benefits of a tall, stiff, and supportive boot are undeniable. Unfortunately, that usually means a boot that is too heavy, doesn’t walk well, and limits your range to faces that have already been centered-punched. Dynafit is now asking, “what if you could have it all?” The Hoji Pro Tour delivers impressive walking capabilities with a ski mode that will make you feel like you’re at the resort. Literally zero play in the ski/walk mechanism! The Hoji Lock is an ingenious Grilamid spoiler combined with a powerful throw lever that create massive contrast between walk mode and ski mode. You’ll find yourself removing the liner just to watch it work, wondering how you didn’t think of it. Walking resistance literally moves out of the way when you open the throw. Further, the Speed Nose is shaped to plow through powder while the the toe-fittings slide back to enable a more natural stride. This saves energy and eliminates the “diving-fin” effect that some boots with large toe welts produce. When you get to the top of the face, reverse the throw and it’s game-on. The spoiler and lever lock in a way that leaves no wiggle-room. The Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour is the free-ride concept we’ve been waiting for. If you’re lucky enough to fit it well (the boot is very wide upfront yet low volume over the foot), your prayers have been answered.

  • Progressive forward flex is capable of driving huge skis at speed in any condition.
  • Hoji Lock is clean, crisp, and incredibly powerful ski/walk mode mechanism.
  • Ultra-Lock power strap uses a cam-lock design for precision control.
  • Speed Nose offers a more natural stride and trail-breaking prowess.
  • Cool Cramp-In system is a simple, secure, and fast crampon attachment design.
-> ounces
Weight (pair) 2900g
Buckles Safety lock buckles
Boot Sole Length
Binding Compatibility Tech only
Cuff Rotation
Forward Lean(s)
Materials Grilamid
Skimo Co Says
Usage Free touring
Notes Hoji Lock has zero play in ski mode.
Bottom Line Just hope it fits you

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