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Crampons that are super light and fast to put on? We’re listening! Dynafit is introducing a novel new crampon system that makes sloppy toe-bail fits a thing of the past: the Cramp-In Crampon. If you are a lucky owner of a Dynafit boot that are compatible with this crampon (hint, if it doesn’t have a toe welt, it’s likely compatible...see note below), your luck is about to be doubled. While the skinning efficiency of the boots using Speed Nose technology is above average, fitting a crampon could be a chore. But now that Dynafit has instigated phase two of global ski-mountaineering domination, you can just don a slick Cramp-In. The crampons attach to a metal bar under the ball of the foot and hook over the heel with a simple bail. A small tab locks into the receptor and hangs on tight once it’s tensioned appropriately using the coated steel cables. A typical ankle strap further secures the cramp-ins. Owners of the best walking ski-boots can now enjoy the lightest and smallest aluminum crampons on the market. Have your cake and eat it too with the Dynafit Cramp-In Crampons.

Compatibility Note: The first generation TLT7s do not have the cutout window in the sole to easily install the adapter. Check your sole for a rectangle under the ball of your foot. If you don't see one, expect to do some heavier mods for these to work.

convert to ounces
140g + 24g fitting
Weight (pair) 280g + 48g fittings
Points 10
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Alloy toe and heel, steel cables, plastic heel lever with heel strap
Skimo Co Says
Usage Skimo racing, fast touring, seamless transitions
Notes Discrete catch tab on toe piece
Bottom Line Streamlined crampon for Speed Nose boots
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Questions & Reviews

Question from John Litherland
Hey Guys, just checking back to see whether the extra boot hardware (for a second pair of boots) is available yet? Thanks, John
Answer from Tristan M
Hi John,

Unfortunately, as it stands, we are unable to get our hands on that spare part at this time. We are going to reach out to Dynafit again to double check, but it will most likely not be available.
Answer from Dana K
Im also curious if there has been any update on this - I have the hoji and tlt so would love to only buy one crampon system!
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Dana,

Check out our Dynafit Crampon Parts listing. The Cramp-In Adapter x2 should have all the parts you need to make a Hoji Pro Tour or TLT8 Expedition/Carbonio compatible with a Cramp-In binding!
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Question from Whitney
I love the idea of this system for my Hojis, but am a little concerned about the sole adapter icing up or having some other kind of complication in the field. Pros/cons of using the cramp-in for larger ski mountaineering objectives as opposed to an adapted automatic crampon?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Whitney, we have not heard of any notable problems with icing or snow build up in the sole adapter slot. There could definitely be potential for this to happen but a problem that could be easily solved by cleaning the snow out with a pole tip, whippet pick, or a knife. The main pros of using the Cramp-In crampons over a semi automatic crampon would primarly be the weight savings and compatibility with the speed nose.
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Luke P (hasn't used product)
I like them so far. Haven’t used them yet. Super lightweight. Seem to be pretty solid for aluminum. We’ll se how they hold up. I was able to install the hardware on the boot sole pretty quickly and without any hangups. I wouldn’t attempt it if your not mechanical though. Wish they sold extra mounting parts for the boot sole though. Not very practical if you have more than one pair of Dynafits...
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Question from John
Can I buy a second set of boot sole hardware so that I can use this with either of my boot pairs?
Answer from jbo
Hi John, in theory! In practice, we might not see any availability of extra adapters until fall.
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Question from Matt
Do these come with the adapter needed for the sole of the boot?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Matt, these crampons do come with the sole adaptor!
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Lightweight and Bomber (downright abused product)
I used these all of last spring and can't wait to put them on my boots again this year. I used them on steep spring snow, deep boot packs, and short easy ice steps without feeling insecure.

Getting them on is really easy and once on the boots you almost forget you have them since they are so light. They have turned into my go-to crampon for my ski-mountaineering objectives where I would bring all aluminium crampons. They are the perfect pairing with a PDG2, TLT7/8, or HOJI Boot (excluding the Free).

**Disclosure - I work as a rep for Dynafit**
Reply from Luke P
Really happy with the quality. Where can I get another set of the boot sole adapters though?
Reply from Eric P
Hi Luke,

Glad to hear that you are happy with the Cramp-IN thus far. Sadly, the sole adaptors are not yet available as a spare part. I am not expecting to have them in the near future either. I apologize for the hassle that this causes when you have 2 (or three like is my case (-: ) pairs of boots that you would like to use the Cramp-In with.
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Question from emmovc
Is it possible to install the needed hardware on the PDG boot, or just the PDG 2? I have the PDG and the Hoji, and am wondering whether these crampons will be compatible with both pairs of boots (whether I can install the toe piece hardware to both pairs of boots).
Answer from Jeff
Right now just the PDG 2 and Hoji have the sole marked where to cut and the mount point. Other boots would be strictly Do It Yourself.
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Question from Matt
Will this crampon work with the Dynafit PDG boot?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Matt! It's important to note the distinction between the PDG and PDG 2. The Cramp-In is designed for the PDG 2 and isn't necessarily compatible out of the box with the PDG. In order for it to be compatible with either boot though you'll have to install some extra hardware, but the PDG 2 is set up for that installation to be much easier.
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Question from Michael
Does this require installing an extra piece onto the sole of the TLT7 Performance? I can't see anywhere that looks like it would attach on the sole of my boot.
Answer from Nate
Hi Michael, yes this crampon will require mounting some hardware on the sole of your TLT7 boot.
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Question from Jeff
Does the dynafit cramp in crampon work on the tlt7 expedition boot?
Answer from Nate
Hi Jeff, yes the Cramp-in is designed to work specifically with boots such as the TLT7 and will include the necessary hardware.
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