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Russell S

Russell S




6' 2"


170 lbs

Shoe Size

US 13.00

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

100+ days / year

My Skiing

Getting out touring in all conditions. NOT an Extreme skier; an extremely Frequent skier! Also a Nordic skier; former member of US Biathlon team.

My Gear

Fischer Transalp 88, Dynafit Speed 90. ATK & MARKER bindings. SCARPA Mastrale RS & SCOTT Orbit boots.

Recent Posts

First the sizing: if you are US 12 or greater you must buy the XL! The sock has good stretch, but will be strained if undersized. Even the XL seems just large enough for me @ US 13/ Mondo 30.0/EU 47. As in the photos, the height of the sock is less than other brands. They do stay up on my leg & I have long shanks, but take note. I've used Bridgedale in the past & they were hands down the most durable socks on the planet!
Perhaps the best feature of the ORTLES pole is the "Quick Change" basket which is also articulated. The basket swivels to match the angle of the slope! The entire basket/ferrule can be swapped for a race style basket ( or roller ski tip; Hahaha.) The customizable feature has some limits; MAX extended length is 148cm (obeying 6cm min. insertion.) The max "bottomed out" length is 128cm. So if your descending length is greater than 128cm ya still have to "read the tiny numerals"(!). I specifically want a pole ...
The full length of the lower shaft is "153cm" as marked on shaft. Observing the minimum insertion of 6cm equals 148cm MAX. extended. That said, you cannot get 125cm unless you cut the lower shaft by 3.5 cm; so the max would be ca. 145cm.
Skis aren't "skinny", people are; sometimes.
Oh NO! Now I won't be able to find the style of ski I've been using for two decades on SALE!

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