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russell s

russell s




6' 2"


170 lbs

Shoe Size


Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

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Skis aren't "skinny", people are; sometimes.
Oh NO! Now I won't be able to find the style of ski I've been using for two decades on SALE!
Do ya like blue skies too?
Purchased early Jan 2020, used 3-4x / week. A truly GREAT A/T boot! Very comfortable for extended touring including "boot packing". Perhaps not as warm as the toasty-est old school boots with thick liners, BUT definitely warmer than Dynafit products from the last couple of seasons. I removed the Power-strap after two tours: only needed if bashing gates on World Cup piste! A bit difficult to remove at day's end; be sure to "release" the "grommet" from the peg on the medial side of the tongue. Otherwise ya ca...
Jeff, Thanks for the feedback. I have the 2015 Black Diamond Pure Carbon. It is same as current Carbon Whippet. It is HELL FOR STOUT. None of the current crop of adj. poles come close in stiffness. I hope I'll get several more seasons out of them. Really want a pole which has max official length of 150-155 cm and is stiff.

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