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Ortles? Rhymes with...well, nothing really. Monte Ortles is the tallest peak above Bormio where Ski Trab designs, builds, and tests all of their products including these cool sticks. In all the years there have been adjustable ski poles, the only jump in design seems to have been going from the dreaded twist lock to a clamp-style system. Moving adjustable pole-design forward, Trab has created a custom-length lower shaft so you can quickly set your preferred pole length for the downhill. Just unlock the clamp and push down to your preset height without trying to read those tiny numbers on the side of the pole. Can you say quick transitions? For grips, the Ortles comes with a handle from Trab's race models featuring a cork grip and extended foam section for easier adjustments while sidehilling or hitting the steeps. To complement the pole's ingenuity and attention to detail, the lower is made of Kevlar reinforced carbon to add durability to the long checklist of impressive features. The Kevlar upgrade adds strength and reduces fatigue (meaning it is less likely to catastrophically fail) and makes for a better option than carbon alone. Finally, the quick connect "QC" system allows for quick and painless swapping between various basket options. Fast, light, durable, unique - call this pole what you will and consider calling the Ortles pole your own if you're in the market for a set of trusty sidekicks.

  • Quick-adjust design takes the guesswork out of adjustment during skin-to-ski transitions.
  • You need to cut the lower shaft to your desired length for skiing, then you can adjust longer for skinning.
  • Carbon with Kevlar reinforced lower shaft is more durable than carbon alone.
  • Quick Connect system allows you to easily change between different pole accessories to best match the conditions.
  • Slimmer Alu locking clamp is reliable and easy to use.
  • Cork grip with foam extended grip makes sidehilling a breeze.
  • Straps are adjustable and removable for increased versatility.
  • Full powder baskets for deep days.

Lengths (cm) Unique cut-to-length lower that is set for your downhill length
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 520g
Sections 2
Grip Ortles cork grip with extended foam grip
Basket & Tip Carbide tip with Ortles powder basket
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Aluminium upper, carbon with Kevlar reinforced lower
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski touring
Notes For quick transitions between up and downhill
Bottom Line Might be the best adjustable touring pole
Compare to other Adjustable Ski Poles

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Questions & Reviews

Question from thomc
What is the stock length of this pole? That is, if you don't cut down the lower shaft, what is the range of length? It looks like it's 135 - 150 as is, but please confirm.

Second question is about the basket. Is there a better alternative for powder, if the one reviewer has a point (giving benefit of doubt there).

Finally, what is the recommended tool for cutting these down, given the materials?

Answer from Emmett I

The inner pole ends about 4cm past 150. When collapsed, the total length is about 127cm.

The baskets are a fairly unique design, I'm not aware of any replacements.
Answer from Tjaard B
There are special carbon hacksaw blades, but otherwise a grinding wheel on an angle grinder or dremel works well too.
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bruno wick (used product regularly)
Pretty sweet pole for the skier that wants to move fast in the mountains but is not super psyched on the race pole. I came from using Black Crows poles and Batons and found this to be a nice upgrade in a lot of ways.

The pole itself is extremely light, and very easy to adjust. I also really love the pole strap design that ski trap has come up with. The extended foam makes it very nice for steep skiing and I enjoy the freedom it provides.

The only con to this pole is that I have found it to sink a lot more in powder than my other poles, making it a bit less efficient. I have decided this will be my "spring pole" because of this.

Overall this is a sweet pole and I have been very pleased with it.
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Russell S (hasn't used product)
Perhaps the best feature of the ORTLES pole is the "Quick Change" basket which is also articulated. The basket swivels to match the angle of the slope! The entire basket/ferrule can be swapped for a race style basket ( or roller ski tip; Hahaha.)
The customizable feature has some limits; MAX extended length is 148cm (obeying 6cm min. insertion.) The max "bottomed out" length is 128cm. So if your descending length is greater than 128cm ya still have to "read the tiny numerals"(!). I specifically want a pole which is stiff, light, and extends to (or past) 150cm 'cause I want to double pole and skate on long tours, especially on Spring snow. The ORTLES does that (@148cm) and has a great cork handle, an effective, easy to use flick lock and that special basket! The cork handle is WAY more durable than foam grips too.
ps: I measured it at 238gm uncut.
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Question from Jim
What’s the max length of these poles? Not sure it matters, but let’s say I want the downhill length to be 125cm - how long can I then extend them for poling?
Answer from Patrick C

The amount that you can extend the poles is an extra 15 cm. At full length uncut to start the poles are around 150 cm tall. Hope this helps!
Answer from Russell S
The full length of the lower shaft is "153cm" as marked on shaft. Observing the minimum insertion of 6cm equals 148cm MAX. extended. That said, you cannot get 125cm unless you cut the lower shaft by 3.5 cm; so the max would be ca. 145cm.
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