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Roxa Ski Boots

Family-owned and located in Asolo, Italy, Roxa has drawn upon generations of boot-making knowledge to create exceptionally high-performing boots. With their dedication to Cabrio designs, Roxa has set itself apart from other manufacturers and will continue to provide high-performing boots for decades to come.

Roxa RX J Light Boot
The Roxa RX J Light is built to provide the next generation of backcountry skiers with a seamless backcountry experience. Starting with a generous 62° range of motion, they will be able to move efficiently and enjoyably on the skin track, making skinning ..
$499.95 $399.95
Roxa R3 J 90 TI Boot
Similar to the shrieks and howls from the ghosts and ghouls around late autumn, moans and groans can be heard from parents trying to fit their children into yet another ski boot around the same time. To the delight of many, Roxa has provided some respite ..
$449.95 $399.95

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