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Friends, Romans, Cross-Countrymen, lend me your ears! I come to bury the competition, not praise them! The Gara Aero Skating R5 Cold Skis won't stab you in the back when it comes to competitive performance and betray you on the track. These race skating skis have excellent glide and high stability construction to make them competitive at every angle. The 'Cold' Rating makes these perform at their fullest in the colder temperatures! The Quadriaxial Aero Tech structure, coupled with a high-camber racing profile means that you'll be driving the surface contact of the ski all the way through your push. Ski Trab's ubiquitous triumvirate design of Scarabeo Tech along the length of the ski adds edge strength and hold, the honeycomb Aramid core creates a foundation for impeccable durability while cutting out unnecessary grams, and the carbon-cap edge protection further reduces weight and adds a degree of stiffness to keep your skis like an arrow and reduce drag. If you're looking for something with the same competitive edge but want something more ideal for warmer conditions and training days, take a gander at the Skating R5 Plus skis!

  • R5 structure keeps the camber directly under your feet to add unparalleled precision to your gait and glide.
  • Cold treatment to the bases makes this perform at its best in icier and colder conditions.
  • Carbon cap edge protection reduces the weight of your skis and adds protection.
  • Quality construction with the Scarabeo Tech on the edges and Aramid core.
  • Race ski base treatment is simply the fastest out of the factory.

Lengths (cm) 179, 186, 193
convert to ounces
475g (186cm)
Weight (pair) 950g (186cm)
Camber PR-5
Specs Verified No
Hardness Rating H1, H2
Construction   Quadriaxial Aero Tech
Core   Aramid honeycomb
Skimo Co Says
Usage Skate
Notes With carbon reinforcements for durability and rigidity
Bottom Line Great competition and training ski

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