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Ski Trab Lobster Overglove


Lobsters have claws and now you can too. Really soft and warm claws that is. The Ski Trab Lobster gloves fit over a thin glove, adding insulation in a pinch (pun intended). Your Middle and Fore fingers will be mated in one half of the overglove, with a safe separation from their shady little cousins Ring and Pinkie. This is a good balance between group warmth and dexterity. If you need even more dexterity in pinch (pun not intended), you can slip your favorite fingers out a handy slit in the palm. The whole finger family is related to Mr. Wrist by way of an elastic cuff.

  • Teflon reinforced nylon shell can endure family fights.
  • Light Primaloft insulation keeps the whole family warm.
  • Elastic neoprene cuffs allow for easy on/off action.
  • Palm is slit open for quick use of fingers.
convert to ounces
55g [M]
Weight (pair) 110g [M]
Cuffs Elastic
Screen Touch No
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Nylon, neoprene, leather
Skimo Co Says
Usage Backup insulation
Notes Slit in palm for fingers
Bottom Line Warm and soft claws
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Ryan
Would your whole hand fit through the slit in the palm so that you could wear these gloves around your wrists when not deployed? Someone in a review on this site mentioned doing this with Crazy Idea over gloves. Would be nice to do the same with these.
Answer from Nate
Hi Ryan, I just tried this with a pair and it worked pretty easily. Your mileage may vary, depending on the size of your hands and wrists, of course.
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Model: Overglove Lobster

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