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Ski Trab Maximo Ski - Women


A great one-ski-quiver, the Maximo from Ski Trab is designed to work well in all conditions. This is achieved through the Low Omega Profile, meaning they vary the thickness of the core and stringers along the length of a ski to regulate the flex. A softer flex in the tip allows for easy turn initiation and float in powder. A thicker, thus stiffer ski in the mid-section gives a reliable edge hold underfoot when things get rough. The Attivo shape also follows this profile, the result of which makes for a ski you don’t have to think about, just ski. If you’re into skiing and not skis, check out the Ski Trab Maximo.

  • Attivo progressive shape integrates with the Attivo flex to make an easy ski.
  • Beautifully textured base is sintered to be resistant to core shots yet really glide.
  • Duo Tech tail allows for precision turns yet doesn’t interfere with straight skiing.
  • 52 HRC steel edges won’t crumple when you hit a rock, stump, or other obstacles.
  • Liwood box core is a simple torsion wrap around a light wood core with air canals.
  • Quadriaxial Cap is a wrapping technology that provides support in all directions.
  • Low Omega Profile is a thickness varying profile that adapts the ski flex to terrain.
  • Tough nylon topsheet is scratch resistant and makes the Italian colors shine.​

Update 2017/18: Just a newer, cooler, faster topsheet, courtesy of Ski Trab.

Lengths (cm) 157, 164, 171, 178
convert to ounces
1175g [157]
1210g [164]
1250g [171]
1290g [178]
Weight (pair) 2350g [157]
2420g [164]
2500g [171]
2580g [178]
Dimensions   121-94-110 [157]
121-92-110 [164]
121-90-110 [171]
121-90-110 [178]
Turn Radius   17.8m [157]
18.1m [164]
18.5m [171]
20.5m [178]
Skin Fix   Attivo tip & tail
Specs Verified 164 only
Profile   Low Omega Profile with Attivo progressive flex
Shape   Attivo progressive shape, DuoTech swallow tail
Construction   14-layer cap
Core   Light wood w/ air canals
Skimo Co Says
Usage Everyday, everywhere skiing
Notes Comes with Trabs 3-year warranty
Bottom Line A ski you don't have to think about
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Questions & Reviews

Smac (used product regularly)
My wife has used these in a 164 length in a variety of conditions this season. They are a great quiver of one ski. The skis float well in powder, they are manageable in breakable crust (as well as anything else), they are stable at speed and hold an edge well. They're a fairly light ski, they're easy to maneuver on the skin track and a manageable size for throwing on the pack. They also ski really well and are easy to control i.e. tight trees at the exit or big gs turns or wide open powder skiing. The bases seem rock hard like the other Trab's we've owned so they can take a beating without showing any damage. The top sheets have also held up well regarding edge and pole tip damage. The skin fix system also works really well. We had a hard time finding much info on how the skins work but the skins have a u shaped clasp that fits over the tip notch and a thick piece of nylon is riveted within the U notch and extends out allowing you to pull on the nylon tab from the tip and the tail is affixed with a soft piece of foam/plastic that is also riveted onto the tail and it just pushes through the tail above the topsheet. The tail typically pulls back when you rip hide from the tip. They're a great ski and everything Ski Trab does is very well designed and made!!
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Model: Maximo 60

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