Skimo Co





5' 4"


150 lbs

Shoe Size

US 9.00

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:

25 - 50 days / year

My Skiing

Predominantly ski touring in northwestern Montana and B.C., some laps up the ski hill and a few rando races each year

My Gear

Boots are either Dynafit One's or 2016 Scarpa F1's; Skis include DPS Wailer's with Dynafit Speed Radicals, Dynafit Denali's with Dynafit Speed Classics, and Movement Big Fish X with Plum WEPA's

Recent Posts

I've skied these bindings for a season now mostly racing uphill with some spring tours as well. The bindings are very well constructed and will likely be very durable. I like the ability to adjust release values. I've had issues with the toe pieces not releasing easily leaving me fiddling at transitions and at times having to forcefully push the toes down with my poles. I've had the issue with some Dynafit boots and my Scarpa F1's. Both toes are fairly worn down though the Scarpas I've also had to cut...
I like the idea of these soft flasks but the only way they don't leak is if they're kept in an upright position with no pressure on the bottles. I've used them year round and carried them in many different formats (jackets, race tops, water bottle holders on race packs, vests etc.) and they always leak unless stored very carefully. Even when stored carefully if I grab the flask it often starts leaking with pressure from my hands. The few times they've leaked minimally they're great, they hold water or pr...
I've had the 2000 lumen headlamp for two seasons now and it works really well for pre-dawn and post work laps and tours. The battery seems to hold a charge for at least 8 hours at a time. The battery has an indicator light to let you know approximately how well charged the battery is before setting off. The light is really bright and it has two buttons on the back of the light that allow you to brighten or dim the light. The Velcro attachment that comes with the light to attach it to your helmet isn't t...
I've had these out on a few skis, all of which have been milder spring temps conditions. The gloves have worked well for touring up and skiing down. They seem to have enough loft and fleece material to keep the hands warm when skiing down and they breathe really well when you're working hard. They will likely work well in full winter conditions for the ascending times, I'm not sure how well they'll keep the hands warm skiing down in frigid temps. I generally wear a medium in most gloves and these just w...
My wife has had just under 20 days use on these skins and for the most part is really happy with them. The tip and tail was hard to figure out from the limited pics we could find on the internet but the tip/tail system seems to work really well, it's easy to rip the skins from either the tip (pulling the nylon tab riveted to the metal hook) or the tail by pushing the soft foam/rubber piece through the split tail. The skins glide well but don't have near the traction of black diamond nylon skins. It seems...

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