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Remaining very warm even when drenched in moisture, wool has long been prized as an insulating material. However, even wool is imperfect, mostly because of its heavy weight, scratchiness, and stubborn…unstretchiness. Enter the Wool Tech Beanie, which Ski Trab has prepared from a hodgepodge of wool, polypropylene, and polyamide for your wearing pleasure. The result is a wool beanie that is exceedingly warm yet not excessively stuffy or scratchy. And with wool, it will naturally resist the build-up of your stink. For trips north of the Arctic circle or chilly spectator events, try on Ski Trab’s Wool Tech Beanie!

  • 40% wool, 39% polypropylene, 21% polyamide, 100% breathable warmth.

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Questions & Reviews

Taylor M (used product regularly)
Picked this beanie up right after skimo got them in stock this fall. I’ve used it every day I’ve skied thus far and have enjoyed it. I’m one of those lightweight helmet on from car to car kinda folk, so having something to keep my ears toasty is key. I’ve been impressed by how well the beanie regulates heat. I’ve been a bit too warm on warm mornings but otherwise it’s a do-it-all kinda beanie. Big upgrade from the headband for me - headband always got folded or squished by the rear straps in my helmet. Digging the beanie, well worth it!
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Model: Wool Tech Beanie

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