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Founded over 100 years ago, Toko has a long history of producing innovative solutions for snow sports athletes. At present, Toko is among the world's leading companies for ski wax and related accessories. With Toko, everyone ranging from World Cup athletes to beginner enthusiasts can find something to elevate their mountain experience.

Toko Scraper Sharpener
Acrylic scrapers tend to lose their edge over time, especially with repeated use. The Toko Scraper Sharpener brings your Plexi scrapers back to life, allowing you to scrape even the most stubborn wax from your bases. Multiple slots in 3, 4, 5, and 6mm wid..
Toko Plexi Blade 5mm GS
Simple is as simple does. The Plexi Blade 5mm GS is exactly as it sounds: five millimeters of clear Plexiglass designed to help efficiently remove wax from your ski base. Three rounded corners keep your hands happy and cut-free while a single, notched cor..
Toko Express Mini 75 ml
What's packable, bright yellow, and improves glide? Well obviously, the Express Liquid Wax from Toko! With its small profile, the Express Mini (75ml) conveniently stows away, ensuring you can have optimal glide, even on a hut trip. The integrated sponge a..
Toko Performance Liquid Paraffin
Toko Performance Liquid Paraffin Wax is easy, convenient, and painless. Simply spray it on, let it dry, brush it off, and enjoy the glide! It comes in three colors for different temperature ranges so you can always have the right wax for the day. The form..
Toko Performance Hot Wax
Hot wax is the embodiment of a low-tech but effective solution, both in the ski and spa industries. This is the stuff for racing, serious training, or if you just want your wax to last a while. Toko’s wax comes in three color-coded variations for differen..
Toko Steel Scraper Blade
For serious scraping jobs, reach for the Steel Scraper Blade. Great for removing excess P-Tex and stubborn base material, a steel scraper is a must-have for jobs requiring base repair. Stainless steel construction won’t corrode and is in it for the long h..
Toko Liquid Paraffin Polishing Brush
We are entering a new era in which liquid wax is becoming ever more popular due to its quick and easy application. The Toko Liquid Paraffin Polishing Brush is a specialty brush with softer bristles designed for high-performance liquid waxes, such as the P..
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Toko Thermo Cork
Liquid waxes are quite popular because of their easy application; simply spray or rub on, wait 30 minutes, brush off with cork, finish with a nylon brush, then ski! The Thermo Cork from Toko is designed to generate heat as you rub the base with the cork s..
Toko Backcountry Ski Vise
Interfacing perfectly with your tech bindings, the Backcountry Ski Vice from Toko is ready to help make your next base repair or wax job a lot easier. The centerpiece features two holes that allow the toe pins of your tech bindings to easily click in, kee..

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