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Interfacing perfectly with your tech bindings, the Backcountry Ski Vice from Toko is ready to help make your next base repair or wax job a lot easier. The centerpiece features two holes that allow the toe pins of your tech bindings to easily click in, keeping your ski in place even while scraping stubborn p-tex from your base. Being made from durable ballistic plastic, these things are made to last. The end pieces, if you elect to get them, feature indents that allow the ski to be secured horizontally, allowing for confident access to your edges. No matter whether doing base repair, edge work, or just scraping wax, the Backcountry Ski Vise is an essential piece to have in the toolbox.

  • Made from resilient ballistic plastic, helping keep these around for a while.
  • Comes in a centerpiece only or with the two end pieces and the centerpiece.
  • Pairs seamlessly with the toe pins of your tech binding.

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