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Ultimate Direction Body Bottle 500S


There comes a time in every person’s life where their soft flasks just aren't quite as high, accessible, and perky as they used to be in the past. Whether from too many miles with sagging shoulder straps, pungent base-layers, or breaking trail in depth hoar, soft flasks start to sit a bit lower than they should, making hydration inaccessible. Those of us that have low-hanging soft flasks shouldn’t have to suffer the embarrassment of having to dig for your nozzle. Introducing the solution to your problems: The Body Bottle 500S. The S stands for Straw, because sure enough, the nozzle is extended towards the light with the help of a handy straw. With a perfect 500ml of usable volume that would make even Golidlocks happy, the Body Bottle 500S is the perfect size for just about everybody that needs easily accessible fluids on the skin track.

  • Soft flask design collapses when not full and only weights 42g.
  • A perfect and easy to calculate 500ml (16.9oz) volume.
  • Easily trimmable straw aids in customization.

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Model: Body Bottle 500S UPC: 0054003805766

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