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Uvex p.8000 Tour Helmet

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The p.8000 Tour is possibly the most versatile helmet yet invented. Uvex managed to get it certified to skiing, cycling, and mountaineering standards, protecting you throughout those wild spring adventures. The p.8000 is vented for touring and has removable ear pads for downhill skiing. Mountaineering protection is provided by the advanced, double in-mould construction. The helmet is made by Uvex, a German industrial engineering company that has been producing high-performance sporting goods for decades. The p.8000 Tour features equal headlamp/goggle support, and includes multiple soft linings (light and winter) to make it comfortable for all-day use. Bike, climb, and ski all you want.

  • 1 size fits all design is enabled by a BOA adjustment system.
  • Anti-allergenic liners are removable for cleaning or lightening.
  • Momomatic chin strap can be opened/closed with one hand.
  • Vent system helps keep you cool while climbing or biking.
  • Removable ear pads can be used for cold downhill skiing.
  • Headlamp clips can also be used to hold goggles in place.
  • Certified to EN 1077B, EN 1078, EN 12492 & UIAA 106.
  • RECCO┬« reflector helps avoid a case of lost-helmet.
  • Aids a RECCO-equipped ski patrol or SAR team.
convert to ounces
388g [light lining]
440g [winter lining]
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   EPS inner, polycarbonate shell
Skimo Co Says
Usage Skiing, mountaineering, cycling
Notes Removable ear pads
Bottom Line Versatile protection
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Brian Sweeney
Anyone know if this helmet is rated for multiple impacts?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Brian. Almost all helmets (outside of hockey, football, and the like) should be retired after one violent impact. It depends on the specific helmet but "violent impact" can mean anything from cracking the shell/foam after a sizeable crash to dropping it on to a tile floor. Every time my head hits the ground hard enough to force me to take a moment to recollect my wits (and gear, yardsales happen all too often) I retire my helmet with no hesitation. Crashing in a helmet that has exceeded its usable lifespan can have some nasty consequences. Helmets are cheap, head injuries aren't.
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Question from Roger P
Do the earpads on the Uvex p.8000 accommodate Outdoor Tech speaker chips?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Roger, I just took a look at the helmet. The ear pads are sewn shut all the way around but based on the size of the earpads it looks like they could accommodate the Outdoor Tech pucks if you got creative with a seam ripper. That being said, you'd likely void all kinds of warranties on the ear pads if you started modifying it like that.
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Model: p.8000 Tour

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