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Washinton offers up glaciers, volcanoes, corn, deep powder, steeps, open mellow faces - and sometimes all of those in one run (Looking at you, Rainier). The ski season lasts almost 12 months a year, which is needed considering how much there is to explore.

Objectives in Washington

Magic S Loop

10.00 mi traverse

Rock Howard Mastiff Traverse

12.00 mi traverse

Isolation Traverse

28.00 mi traverse

Snoqualmie Haute Route

31.00 mi traverse

Sherpa Glacier Couloir

3000 ft line

Sheep Lake Couloir

1050 ft line

Enchantments Ski Traverse

22.00 mi traverse

The Birthday Tour

2400 ft route

Whitehorse Mountain

6835 ft peak

Eldorado Glacier

8838 ft peak

Slot Couloir

1450 ft line

F├╝hrer Finger

4711 ft line

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