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If you are new to the backcountry ski scene you will immediately hear that safety comes first. You can cover all your safety needs in one move with the ARVA Evo5 Safety Snow Pack. Including the amazing Evo5 avy beacon, Light 240 Compact snow probe and Access TS shovel, your touring partners can feel confident that you have everything you need to help them out should anything go awry.

Incredibly light and compact, the Evo5 still comes with an impressive list of features including a 3 antenae design with a 50m range, Group Check, and Mark (multi-burial) function. The Light 240 Compact probe is made of strong 7075 aluminum sections with a kevlar cord to help lock everything in place. The Access TS shovel has a telescoping shaft and T shaped handle for efficient shoveling.

Evo5 Beacon - An avalanche transceiver with search bandwidth up to 50 meters.

  • Digital processor and 3 antennas provide 50 meters of searching range.
  • Motion sensor changes back to send-mode if you become involved in a secondary burial.
  • Multi-burial flagging is simple and effective.
  • More info.

Light 240 Compact Probe - A durable 7075 aluminum probe that is quick to assemble.

  • 8 section design means a more compact probe with each section measuring 30cm.
  • Kevlar cord gives piece of mind when it comes to durability.
  • Flash Locking system for easy deployment.

Access TS Shovel - Simple, sturdy and reliable.

  • The, "TS," stands for telescoping; gain more leverage when you extend the shovel shaft from 32cm to 46cm.
  • Aluminum blade is strong without compromising on weight (620g total weight).
  • Compact blade size can still move plenty of snow .

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