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ARVA Evo5 Avalanche Beacon

Brand: ARVA
Model: Evo5 Transceiver
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Price: $319.95
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Lighter means faster, right? In a skimo world where weight is the new measure of worth, the Arva Evo5 Beacon is worth its weight in spandex. One of the lightest and most compact beacons to come from the French wizards over at Arva, the Evo5 is a fully functional 3 antenna beacon with a range of 50m, and it fits in the palm of your hand (unless you have really, really small hands). With features like Group Check, Mark (multi-burial) function, and high-end interference management, this beacon ticks all your boxes without tipping the scales. Auto revert (AR) is a newer feature that provides a backup for rescuers in the case of their own unexpected burial (watch than hangfire!), and switches the beacon to transmit after a set period of inactivity (this exact length is customizable). Whether you're a mountain professional who logs 120 days a season, or just a casual backcountry visitor, this beacon packs all the features you need and want into a compact size you'll love. Go ahead, toss another candy bar in your pack. You won't notice the weight.

  • Three antennas keep you headed in the right direction, no matter the beacon orientation or model.
  • A Group Check feature streamlines trailhead checks, making sure the whole crew is safe and beeping from the car to the bar.
  • A new auto-revert (AR) feature keeps rescuers safe in the event of a secondary burial, and can be customized in settings to fit your preferences.
  • A single AA battery keeps the beacon light and provides a consistent supply of halfway full batteries for your wireless mouse.
  • Arva's wizards found a way to manage signal interference (don't ask how, all we know is that it works really well).
  • The Evo5 includes a Mark (multiple burial) function for that time both your buddies decide to ski that iffy face at the same time because "it'll make a sick insta vid!"
  • A backlit screen keeps you in the know when dawn patrol laps start extra early.
  • 50m search radius is likely good enough for most searches.
-> ounces
Antennas 3 digital
Transmit Range 50m
Search Range 50m
Number of Victims 3
Battery Life 200 hours transmit, 1 hour search
Specs Verified Yes
Skimo Co Says
Usage Avalanche rescue
Notes Easy to feel what position the switch is in
Bottom Line Small and light with all the features

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