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ARVA is in a continuous search for perfection when it comes to their avalanche safety gear and the newest Neo Pro Beacon is sure getting there! It has maintained all the same excellent features of its predecessor, the Neo+, but with a few extras added on.

In addition to the already vast 70m search radius, the new Neo Pro can switch to analogue mode to get a maximum search range of 80m. You can also switch this beacon into Standby mode for when you are part of a team and shoveling rather than leading the search. This feature allows your beacon to stay on without transmitting or searching, which minimizes distractions and allows for your beacon to revert-to-transmit mode in the case of a second avalanche. It comes with a soft chest harness that comfortably fits a wide range of folks.

The Neo Pro has the same ergonomic shape as the Neo+ and the same user-friendly simplicity that makes it such an effective and safe product. This beacon was designed with professionals in mind and is trusted by pros and backcountry enthusiasts alike when it comes to avalanche safety. Whether you are just dipping your toe into the beautiful world of backcountry skiing, or a seasoned veteran who could use a technological upgrade, the Neo Pro should certainly be on your radar.

  • Digital processor and 3 antennas provide 70+ meters of search range ability.
  • Analog Mode function takes full advantage of the main antenna‚Äôs maximum range, expanding even further on its search range up to 80m.
  • Group-check function lets you quickly see that all beacons in your group are functioning properly.
  • Standby Mode allows the user to keep their beacon on without interfering with search efforts.
  • Interference-management technology aids accurate searching by minimizing the effects of other electronics such as cell phones.
  • Motion sensor flips back to send-mode if you become still.
  • U-turn alarm keeps the user from walking past their target.
  • Multi-burial flagging works simply and effectively.
  • Still the largest range and most accurate approach functions.
  • Includes chest harness and 3 alkaline AAA batteries.

Update 2022/23: The Pro was replaced by the BT Pro.

convert to ounces
246g w/ 3 AAA batteries
Antennas 3 digital
Transmit Range 70m
Search Range 70m
Number of Victims 3+
Battery Life 250 hours transmit, 40 hours search
Specs Verified Yes
Skimo Co Says
Usage Finding buried skiers
Notes Has analogue mode to improve range, and standby mode so you can keep your beacon on while shoveling
Bottom Line Best search range, good marking features, easy to use
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Question from Nathaniel Frantz
What are the dimensions of this beacon (not including harness)?
Answer from Ian C
Hi Nathaniel, this beacon is 12cm x 7.25cm. The on-off switch adds another 0.5cm or so of width.
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Model: Neo Pro Beacon MPN: ARNINEO UPC: 3700507910242

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