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This long sleeve, 100% cotton t-shirt is cooler than the Alps themselves. Forget the glaciers, the peaks, the picturesque mountain huts, the meadows with soft brown cows and fluffy white sheep grazing, and all the many kilometers of gorgeous summer trails. This shirt tops all those wondrous sights and luxurious destinations. With its crisp, ribbed-sleeve cuffs, cozy soft cotton fabric, and sleek silk-screened Atomic logo, this shirt lifts its wearer higher than any European mountain. So unless you're already cooler than the Alps themselves, you should buy this shirt.

  • Made from 100% cotton, so you should definitely call your mom and ask her how to dry cotton without shrinking it.
  • A printed tag replaces the usual annoying flap tag at the back of the collar, saving you the annoyance of having to cut it off later.

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Model: Alps LS T-Shirt

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