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Atomic Backland Autoclimb Binding


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Have you ever felt that there just aren’t the right riser options on your touring binding? Or perhaps you are over the annoyance of pausing to flip the risers up as the slope steepens just when you’ve really started to hit your stride. Maybe you are new to the touring game and you’re finding the struggle to adjust your form and stride to changing slope angles continuously cumbersome and frustrating. Enter the Atomic Backland Autoclimb Binding. This brand new Autoclimb technology automatically adjusts the riser height on your binding based on the slope angle you’re on and, according to Atomic, allows for the widest range of heel lift options on the market. The Autoclimb technology uses gravity and a hydraulic piston to constantly readjust the riser height as you change climbing angle, matching it perfectly to the slope you’re on so you can maximize your grip, stride, and efficiency with no fiddling necessary. The brake is integrated into this system and all you need to do to engage it is flip the autoclimb lever forward for downhill skiing, meaning you can transition without removing your skis. The rest of this binding is the same as the Atomic Backland Tour binding, with the same swappable release springs, the same patented step-in aid, and the same integrated crampon receptor. This binding is not for the weight-saving, light and fast backcountry enthusiasts as the Autoclimb technology does add some weight, but for anyone new to the backcountry, or someone who dislikes fiddling with risers and would love to know that they’re always getting the most efficient stride with every step, the Atomic Backland Autoclimb binding is a great option!

  • Automatic Climbing Aid constantly adjusts riser height for optimal uphill position based on slope angle.
  • Three easily-swapped release-springs included: men’s, women’s, and expert.
  • Patented Step-In Aid makes for smooth and easy transitions.
  • 50mm adjustment track offers plenty of flexibility to accommodate a boot-quiver.
  • Five brake sizes to choose from: 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, 120mm.
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 1250g
Boot Compatibility Tech
Brakes 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, 120mm
BSL Adjustment 50mm
Riser Heights Autoclimb climbing aid ranges from 2 degrees to 13 degrees
Vertical Release Choice of mens, womens, or expert
Lateral Release Choice of mens, womens, or expert
Crampon Ready Yes
Materials Aluminum body, steel pins, plastic housing
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ideal for new backcountry users
Notes Comes with 3 release springs, autoclimb climbing aid automatically adjusts riser height based on slope angle
Bottom Line The venerable Backland tour binding with an automatically adjusting riser
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Model: Backland Autoclimb

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