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Atomic has long been known for their high quality on-piste ski boots, but the Backland backcountry boot line has made waves in a category dominated by European lightweight gear specialists. True to Backland boot form, the women’s Backland Pro provides high-end performance on the ups and downs and near limitless customization options in the shop, with both the liner and the shell being heat moldable. This updated women's model is packed with most of the same technology as the carbon version, but with a softer flex and better color (because color is secretly every skimo-er's #1 priority). New this year to the Backland boot lineup is the Boa system, which replaces the bottom buckles and provides a snug, even fit along the whole foot. To add some power, Atomic threw a beefier 40mm power strap on to this 95 flex boot, a small yet noticeable change that skiers will notice and appreciate. To top it off, all of this great tech and customizability is still centered around the smooth Frictionless Pivots, so you can motor uphill without even noticing that you've got boots on. If you want a lightweight, high-end, customizable ski boot, look no further! The womens Atomic Backlands Pro has all the features you need for many seasons of backcountry skiing.

  • Efficient Frictionless Pivot means you have the foot articulation to drive to the trailhead in ski boots and helmet, just like all the cool skimo masters.
  • The legendary customization of Backland boots lives on, with Memory Fit/Memory Fit 3D liners and shells so even the ugliest of feet can feel loved and comfortable.
  • The Quick Click tongue is known (by folks who know too much about ski boots) to strike a fantastic balance between flexibility for walking and support for skiing.
  • A gently rockered sole covered in Skywalk rubber comes in handy when you ski out the wrong drainage and have to walk back to the car.
  • Simple and reliable Free/Lock 2.0 lever makes transitions quicker than ever, and is easy to grab when wearing gloves.

Update 2020/21: With the new season hot on our tails, Atomic gave the Backland Pro Women's Boot a fierce new look with a strong white and black color change!

Update 2021/22: An upgrade to the cam lock on the power strap makes it just a touch easier to loosen.

convert to ounces
1020g [25/25.5]
Weight (pair) 2040g [25/25.5]
Buckles   The Boa System and 40mm Cam strap with Buckle
Boot Sole Length   248mm [22/22.5]
258mm [23/23.5]
268mm [24/24.5]
278mm [25/25.5]
288mm [26/26.5]
298mm [27/27.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech only
Cuff Rotation   74°
Forward Lean(s)   13°, 15°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Prolite, Energy Backbone, True
Flex, Memory Fit, Carbon infused lower
Liner   Memory Fit 3D Platinum Light Women
Sole   Skywalk Full Rubber
Skimo Co Says
Usage Lightweight touring
Notes Breatheable Liner
Bottom Line A easy-fitting, streamlined touring boot
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Catherine Henning Rocchi
Hello! I own a pair of Atomic Hawx XTD Ultra in 23/23.5 that fit perfectly, never any blisters, etc. There isn't any spare room in them either, including at the toes. I'm in the market for a lighter pair of boots for different kinds of missions and figured I'd stick with Atomic since the other boots fit me so well. I assume that these boots fit similarly, but I'm a little concerned that the boot sole length is significantly shorter. Should I size up to 24/24.5?
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Catherine,

The Hawx XTD Ultra and Backland Pro do fit pretty similarly. Stick with the same shell size, the difference in BSL doesn't affect the fit. Should work well for you, but if you'd like fill out our boot fitter form and we can get you some more personalized options.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Catherine,

These share a relatively similar fit to the Ultra XTD, so they could likely be a good option for you! I would not size them up. The boot sole length is only the measured length of the outsole, which is smaller because this is a tech only boot with a shorter toe and heel lug. It does not have a direct bearing on the internal length of the boot. The internal length should be consistent between the two.
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Question from Dana
If I didn't like the way the Scarpa F1s skied, will these feel similar? I have the Hawx Ultra XTD 115 and really like the way they ski. I know you sacrifice some downhill performance with a lighter boot, but wondering if I will like the Backland Pros or if they will ski too similar to the F1??
Answer from eric
Dana- I am assuming you did not like the stiffness of the F1's. Based on that the Backlands will not fit the bill either. They are more inline with the F1's than the Hawx.
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Katie (downright abused product)
I want to love these boots. They’re light, roomy in the toes, and I didn’t need to have them punched out or anything. But I can’t. They tour well, but ski downhill poorly except in the fluffiest of powder. My husband has the men’s version, which has a tongue and he has had a way better time. The women’s has a boa, which is now shredding to pieces. And the cloth is torn up so much that my boots fill with snow if I don’t have overboots on, and it’s unclear to me how I can revamp them (although I intend to try). It’s a bummer how not durable so many parts of this boot are, especially watching my husband ski the men’s version and not having nearly the same problems.
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Question from Marisa
I'm curious if anyone else has this issue: The first half dozen times I skiied these my only complaint was that they were too roomie in my heel and calf (i have a pretty high calf for a woman and usually wear a padded sock). I had them adjusted by just adding foam to the liner (no heat molding to the boot or liner). Now when I ski it feels like what I thought was too much room is actually a very loose pivot point. I've tried to tighten it but it feels like I'm still in walk-mode going downhill to the point where it feels dangerous. I really want to like this boot but it's very difficult to ski when I can fully flext my heel just by bending my knee!
Answer from Jeff
It doesn't seem to me that the Cuff pivot is the extent of your issue. Those cuff pivots wear and we sell replacements. But even if it is completely gone, it would not "feel like I'm in walk mode". And note that the Backlands are not a very stiff boot.
My guess is the boot is too big, and adding some boot foam did not fully correct the problem.
Please email us at and we can get to the bottom of your problem.
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Question from Nicole S Albee
Can I heat mold these boots to my feel at home & if so how would you recommend I go about doing it?
Answer from Jeff
Hi Nicole, Yes, you can heat mold the liner at home. If needing to take advantage of Atomics moldable shell, that is best done at an Atomic Dealer.
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Julianne (used product regularly)
After trying on nearly every boot I could get my hands on for the past few seasons these are what I chose (bless the heart of all the ski shop workers that helped me, but especially the guy at SkimoCo, which I can't remember his name but he was the best one, so kudos!). First off they fit my feet like a glove, like I put them on and just knew they were the ones. They feel more like a hiking boot at times but perform excellent on the uphill and downhill. I forget I'm wearing them sometimes due to how comfy and lightweight they are. I would agree that they are built for narrower feet but that's what I got so no issue for me. I love the simplicity of them. The Boa system is super slick and I find I keep it cranked down on the up and down (which I didn't do before on my old boots with the buckles on the bottom). The walk mode is literally like the flick of a switch, only issue I've had with it is that it occasionally ices up while touring and I have to chip the ice out but nothing crazy. I do wish the gaiter was slightly longer because it does slip out at times but I usually just leave it. I have last seasons color which Atomic claims is purple/coral, but they are a smoky black-purple color. I ended up getting these boots from another spot in the salt lake area but wanted to tell y'all about how much I have enjoyed them. I seriously could go on and on about how cool these boots are but I won't because hopefully you'll buy them and pass on the praise. I have already convinced one person to get them and they would agree on how awesome theses boots are.
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Mikaela K (used product a few times)
Picked up a pair to use with my splitboard and phantom bindings and loving it so far! I was a bit concerned the boot would be too narrow as I don’t really have a narrow foot, more medium to slightly wide but the fit is great for me
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Model: Backland Pro Women

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