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Holy stoppers: the Atomic Backland Tour binding with an innovative brake! Weighing in at a svelte 325g per side, this binding flaunts one of the highest feature-per-gram ratios we’ve seen. It includes all the creature comforts necessary to coax you into doing just one more lap. In addition to all the bullet points from the brakeless version, the Backland Tour + Brake offers five widths to choose from to perfectly fit your skis. The brakes have a reliable on/off switch to change the sinister-looking arms from walk mode to ski mode (a move that can be accomplished without stepping out of the ski). The binding is refreshingly simple, straightforward, and has a logical approach to stopping a backcountry ski.

The toe piece is a sturdy beast that features uphill tech-efficiency and serious downhill chops. An oversized lever increases ice-breaking and socket-clearing power while a patented aid helps with step-in. The heel piece adjusts 50mm for different boots and offers a flat-on-ski mode to ameliorate those long approaches. Two risers help with climbing once you get there. An integrated crampon receptor has you ready for spring. Interestingly, the Backland comes with three release springs that let you swap between mens, womens, and expert level settings. The Atomic Backland platform is a simple, capable, user-friendly binding that includes a lot-a-bit of everything for just a little-bit of weight.

  • Three easily-swapped release-springs included: men’s, women’s, and expert.
  • Patented Step-In Aid means you won’t subject yourself to Dyna-fiddle during transitions.
  • Three climbing positions include a flat mode and two beautifully machined lifters.
  • 50mm adjustment track offers plenty of flexibility to accommodate a boot-quiver.
  • Five brake sizes to choose from: 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, 120mm.

Note: This binding accepts both Plum and Dynafit crampons, though with the latter the included crampon keeper clip must be used to prevent any lateral movement during use.

Update 2018/19: Just a new "gunmetal" grey color, the Backland stays the same otherwise.

Update 2020/21: A longer adjustment track gives 50mm of adjustment vs 30ish for previous versions.

convert to ounces
395g [90mm]
Weight (pair) 790g [90mm]
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   80, 90, 100, 110, 120
BSL Adjustment   50mm
Riser Heights   2 + flat
Vertical Release   Choice of mens, womens, or expert
Lateral Release   Choice of mens, womens, or expert
Crampon Ready   Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Aluminum body, steel pins, plastic housing
Skimo Co Says
Usage Touring, mountaineering, big missions
Notes Comes with 3 release springs
Bottom Line All the features, less of the weight
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Questions & Reviews

Question from jacob
If I were to buy the Atomic Backland 100 skis, could I mount the 100mm version of this binding on that ski? or should I size up?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Jacob,

Yes, get the 100mm brake for a 100mm ski. No need to size up!
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Question from Anna
Can the most current version of these bindings be mounted without the brakes? Or do I have to purchase the Pure version if I want a brakeless setup (at least for now)?
Answer from jbo
Hi Anna, you're going to need the Pure version to go brakeless. You have the option of mounting brakes under that one.
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Jack Eldredge (used product a few times)
I recently had a pair of the Atomic Backland mounted on Backland 100 skis and I am so far impressed and very happy with ease of use and overall function . The way the binding aligns the boot stepping in is a pleasure , after having other tech bindings I am overjoyed. I have even taken them on a resort day and had fun and my confidence grew exponentially. And I think they are great looking bindings .
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Question from Calvin
Just wondering if the 90mm brake will fit my Helio Carbon 95? Seems to be some confusion on the exact sizing of the brakes.
Answer from Jeff
Calvin, Not much confusion, ski brakes are not a Precision fit item. Ideally you get the narrowest one to fit so the brakes arms when retracted don't stick out too far.
With 5 sizes, fitting this binding shouldn't be an issue. You could go with the 90 or 100mm. I measured the 90 and it is spot on, so it would require a slight bend. The 100mm width is the easy option to go with.
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Question from AL T
I’m confused on what an atomic brake size actually means. How do you measure the width? Outside of the black tips? Inside distance between the tips? Deployed? Retracted? The brakes are narrower when retracted. Is that the measurement? On my 95 mm waist skis the deployed brakes are ~135 mm from outside tip to outside tip. When retracted they are 110 mm, outside tip to outside tip. Can you tell me which size brakes I have according to atomic? Thanks
Answer from Jeremy L
Hello Al. After measuring several brake widths it would appear you have the 110mm brakes. I got within 2mms of the stated widths measuring with the brakes deployed and on the inside of the black tips. Hope that helps.
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Ian C (downright abused product)
The bindings that started it all! Well, not really, but it sounded like a good way to start a review. These have got two simple heel risers and low pin height delta which, combined with a straightforward, satisfying toe piece and reasonably light weight, make them a trustworthy companion for my excursions onto the most intermediate of Wasangeles ski tours. Their secret Krabby Patty formula is the braked versions' flattish mode that can be accessed without rotating the heel. As far as I know, this is unique to these bindings.
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Question from Olivier
Hi, your specified weight for these is 395g per binding, but the official website at says 398g a pair (with brakes!). Which one is correct?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Olivier, that is indeed the weight that we have verified for the bindings from our scales!
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Question from Marshall
Can the heel piece be mounted without the brake? As in, does the brake completely detach if I didn't want to use it (Making it essentially the Backland Pure binding)? And yes, I know there is the pure binding, but it is out of stock. Thanks!
Answer from Jeremy L
Thanks for reaching out, Marshall. It is ill-advised and will most likely void the warranty. We do have several pairs of the pure that we are expecting very soon.
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Question from Robert

I find the break reverts to ski mode quite easily. I guess something catches on the break leaver and flips it from walk to ski mode. Is there something I'm missing to lock it in beyond the flipping the switch?

Answer from Tristan M
Hi Robert,

Without seeing your binding, I will only be able to make educated guesses. Send a photo or video of the issue that you are having with your brake lever to, and we can work towards a solution from there!
Answer from Robert B
Hi, great. I'm heading out next week a fair bit with it, and I'll put something together to send you.
Answer from Michael T
i've had the same issue after a couple tours on this binding. *sigh*. it seems that even if a little snow gets caught under, it pushes the walk lever up and the brakes descend. about 50% of my laps involved the extra friction of my brakes in the down position. wish i had gone with the Pure sans brakes. I see the same comment on the Salomon version.
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Question from Andrew S Dennis
will 110 brakes fit 112 Hoji Ski? Thanks!
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Andrew,

Thanks for reaching out! The Atomic Backland Tour with a 110mm brake will fit a Hoji 112 with a small amount of stretching.
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Question from FinnE
If you so choose to remove the ski brake is there an included plate so that you are not banging the topsheet of the ski when in touring mode?

Answer from Julieana
Hey FinnE, there is no longer an included plate (there was in previous seasons). If you want to be able to interchange the brake version and the non-brake version you would want to buy the Atomic Backland Pure Binding and then buy the Atomic Backland Brakes separately. The track length on this year's binding is actually longer than the Pure or the Brakes on their own so if you purchase this binding there is no option to remove the brakes.
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Question from pete
I have icelandic 101s.
You only have 120mm brakes....sounds kind of wide.
I don't want excessively wide.
What input do you have?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Pete. The 120 brake width would be way to big, however, if you want to give us a call at (801) 942-9084 we would could switch the 120 brake out for a 110 brake (which we have in stock separately) at no additional cost!
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Thor (downright abused product)
The heel risers are born with a “clicking” action, where they snap into place beneath your heel. Its a cool little flip trick and you will be much quicker than your friends.
This flipping clicking action wears out, and its hard to describe, but you will lose the ability to use your heel risers. I saw another review on a different page, same story. I have skied competitively with these bindings for 2 seasons and it just started happening.
I really love these bindings, and I am sad that they broke and I will keep using my sad broken bindings without heel risers.
If you do buy them, because they are rad, keep your receipt and try to break them under two years for the warranty claim. Don’t lose the proof of purchase :)
Reply from Spencer A
Is this comment on the right page? Im not sure why your risers are clicking buy mine and my buddies do no such thing, even after 4 seasons of use on mine and 3 on my buds. Honestly there are not many touring bindings out there as durable and capable as these. Sounds to me like you may have gotten a bad pair as mine have been bomb proof, being skied both in bounds at resorts and out for multiple years
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Question from Tom
1. My wife and I are both looking at these bindings, but we are unsure if our current boots will work with them; we have K2 Mindbender 120 (mens) and Atomic Hawx Ultra 95 (womens)? Likely looking to get a lighter, touring specific boot in the future, just not sure we wanted to do it yet...

2. The new pair of skis my wife just got are 112 underfoot, that seems doable with the 110 brake... but my question is would that be better than bumping all the way to the 120?

Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Tom, as long as your boots have metal tech fittings at the toe and heel, they should work just fine with this binding! Atomic has many boots with "Hawx" in the name, but only the "Hawx Ultra XTD" models have metal tech fittings. Finally, the 110mm brake option should be just fine for that 112mm underfoot ski, but bump up to the 120mm if she thinks she'll be on a wider ski in the future!
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Question from Paul L
Are these with brakes definitely compatible with the 2016/17 Scarpa F1
Answer from jbo
Hi Paul, we know of no compatibility issues with the F1s.
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Question from Phil Bates
Hey - I'm getting a pair of the Fischer Hannibal, Sidecut: 126-96-114mm. Will the 100mm Brakes be wide enough?
Answer from jbo
Hi Phil, yes the 100s fit great!
Answer from Philip B
Thanks!! I'll go for it!
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Question from Bruce A
Are there any stated release values for the three different springs? M,W,E ?
Answer from Jeff
Hi Bruce, Atomic doesn't give any figures. There are variables such as with or without brakes, the boot and BSL. If you are looking for a specific release for you, please visit our binding finder.
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Question from Raymond H
Any chances I can stretch a 100 mm Salomon ski brake to fit a 105 waist ski? I have a pair of Scott Super Guide 105 skis..Just wondered. I already have the 100 mm brakes, bought from SkiMo.
Or could I exchange the 100 mm brakes for a set of 105 brakes?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Raymond! Yeah, in theory you could definitely bend them though obviously there's a limit to what they're capable of. Next size up from 100mm is 110mm and it looks like we have them in stock here.
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Comment from Trace Leches
Here's a picture of the Dynafit crampon keeper installed. It'll save the crampon and binding from marring each other up by keeping it centered, otherwise it has the potential to slide back and forth when lifted above ~45°.
Reply from Trace Leches
And here's a picture of the stopper knot you have to tie so you don't lose the crampon keeper.
Reply to this comment:

Question from Gelu
Please tell me if Scarpa F1 boots are compatible with Atomic T Backland Tour +Break breaks.
Kind regards,
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Gelu, yes sir they are!
Answer from Paul L
Trace...and Gelu..can you still confirm this setup works. I have the F1's and would like to purchase this binding. Thanks
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