BCA 15x Magnifying Loupe

Brand: Backcountry Access
Model: 15x Magnifying Loupe
Shipping: Free over $50*
Availability: Fall - Notify Me
Price: $19.95

Identifying snow crystals in snow pits can be a fun time. Identifying snow crystals in a pit with some wind, good luck. Fortunately, our friends at BCA made a new Magnifying Loupe with closed sides to help you nerd out in the ever-changing weather. This Loupe allows you to view snow crystals 15 times their actual size, which is an extra 50% more than its predecessor. If you're serious about snow science, or you're shopping for tools for your upcoming avalanche course, the BCA 15x Magnifying Loupe will help you identify those pesky facets, or anything else you want to magnify.

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