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If you’re not familiar, thermometers are good at measuring the temperature of things. Now that you’re all caught-up with the intricacies of thermometers, this BCA version is one of the best on the market. While covering a large temperature-range, the tool is designed with an emphasis on cold snowpack. Accurately measuring temperature gradients is crucial for a detailed report while digging a snow-pit. With no software or batteries to crash or freeze, the BCA Thermometer will help you analyze your very first pit as well as your last pit as the local forecaster.

  • Measures a temperature range of -40°F to 158°F, which would be some sloppy snow.
  • Includes a sling to hang from your skis while recording measurements in your field book.

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Benski (used product regularly)
A nice, simple, analog design... doesn’t need batteries or other things that can interfere with snow safety work.
Nice lanyard option for air temps.
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Model: Thermometer MPN: C1318SS24010 UPC: 0857240002987

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