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Skimo Co is a professional service center that specializes in lightweight backcountry touring and racing gear. Our Salt Lake City facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment such as the Montana Jetbond binding testing device. We regularly have folks ship us gear from across the country because they know their job will be performed accurately and timely. We stand behind all of our work.

Release Testing - It's generally recommend to get the release function tested on your bindings once per season. We have a Montana machine specially calibrated for tech bindings which you won't find at an alpine shop. Note that fixed-release race bindings are not adjustable for your size and ability but it's good to check that they aren't seized up and to know their approximate release values.

Hand/Paper Mount - We have a small surcharge for the extra steps required for mounting bindings without a jig. We are very anal so this takes a long time. The charge is in addition to the regular price of a mount.

Quiver Killer Install - Quiver Killers (or Binding Freedom Inserts) can be a nice way to share bindings amongst multiple skis. Unfortunately they require a very delicate installation procedure. The price listed is per hole, meaning you need to multiply it by the number of mounting screws for your binding.

Note we have a separate listing for basic binding mounts. The Hand/Paper surcharge and QK installs are added to that price.

Questions & Reviews

Pondsy (downright abused product)
I rolled in to Skimo with a broken 10yo Dynafit heel piece and they found the right part. Then said, "hey with these skis we can do Helicoils and they'll never ever ever come out". Yes - sign me up for that. And they've been bomber af for the third year running hard. You guys rock as always.
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Question from Patrick cousineau
Will not print the accident report. Or calibration.
Answer from jbo
Hi Patrick, who or what will not print an accident report?
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