Skimo Co





6' 2"


195 lbs

Shoe Size

US 11.50

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:

25 - 50 days / year

My Skiing

More than halfway through The Chuting Gallery. Used to live in Utah but now Boston which has severely curtailed my opportunities. Get to Utah at least once a year plus occasional trips elsewhere. Avoid skiing the East.

My Gear

Have lots, but my frequent skimo setup is Hagan x-ultra, TLT Mountain5, dynafit speed radical.

Recent Posts

Bought these this year for the warmer spring days when there are miles to get done. The pants absolutely crushed for this. They helped me get Snapdragon, Montgomery, and Pfeiff NE and kept wanting more. My very first time wearing them I got hot and was wishing for some air vents and for the pants not to be black in color. Tbh every time following that, including warm days, I had no temp problems. Fit is great. Mobility is great. Skinning / skiing / cramponing / vert boot packs all went great. Would reco...
update (now I've downright abused product) My tail problems turned out to be a non-issue once I got the tension right. The skins have been workhorses. ...Until season 3. Now I've got recurring skin glue stuck to my skis and can't seem to keep it from happening. V sad. Wondering what the solution is. Been skinning for 20 years and this is the first time it's happened to me with any skins.
I bought this this season as a replacement for my old BD halfdome and I love it. First, it was the only helmet of all the ones I tried that fit my fat head well. Secondly, it just so happened to be the lightest helmet of all the options - huge bonus. Third - the headlamp attachments are awesome and also work great for gopro. I'll echo other's in that you get to the car and forget to take it off it's so light and comfy. Would def recommend.
oh PS - my other fave part is the hip belt! beefy and sturdy. Makes carrying more gear with all the space much more comfortable.
I rolled in to Skimo with a broken 10yo Dynafit heel piece and they found the right part. Then said, "hey with these skis we can do Helicoils and they'll never ever ever come out". Yes - sign me up for that. And they've been bomber af for the third year running hard. You guys rock as always.

Trip Reports

Triangle Couloir

This line rocks. Swing some tools and crush it.

Y-Not Couloir

Second trip down this guy (see above). Used all the same gear. Someone has replaced the destroyed bolts with new ones since my last visit.

God's Lawnmower

I've skied this twice, once with Wasatch Jesus Himself. The top really is as sketch as the books say. A great line though, steep, wide open, typically good snow. Definitely worth the trip.

Grunge Couloir

Rock missiles, 60 degree water ice, man-eating runnels, two chokes, isothermal rotten slush. Pretty much scariest conditions imaginable.

Y-Not Couloir

Absolutely loved the line. Steep, great rap. Below-rap choke I straightlined without any problems. Easy and fun dusk patrol outing. Great skiing in a great location. I will be back.

South Face of Lone Peak

Incredible. Went for the NE Couloir and got the South Face as a bonus. Would go back even just for the south face. Snow that late in the season didn't really start until the Second Hamongog, but that was fine. South Face is massive - hugely wide open choose your own adventure skiing an...

Hallway Couloir

Awesome. Booted up from below - it was a snowy powder day and we didn't know how to find it from above. Once you know you know, but we didn't. Little headwall, interesting entrance options, great chute, great finish.

Mt Superior - South Face

Got this many times. Always a spectacular run. Depending on snow, can be a little type II on the way down. The east ridge ascent (the normal way) can be a little sketch in places depending on conditions.

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