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Black Diamond AvaLung Element

No Longer Carry

The Black Diamond AvaLung has been proven to extend lives of buried avalanche victims. The system redirects your exhales away from your mouth so the nearby snow won’t ice up into a suffocating wall. That means more air from the snowpack is available to you in a dire situation. The Element is a removable AvaLung that works with several BD pack lines, including the ultralight Cirque 30 & 35. Help improve your odds of survival with the AvaLung Element.

  • Bi-valve intake helps pull in air with a wider surface area.
  • Exhaust port sends hot breaths away from your mouth.
  • Fully removable to lighten your pack on safer days.

Questions & Reviews

Question from Keith
Why was this discontinued? Is there a DIY option?
Answer from Will M
Hey Keith,

With the explosion and popularity of the airbag market, I think the Avalung was overtaken in popularity. As for DIY, we do not have any suggestions that would be a safe replacement. Hope this helps!
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Model: AvaLung Element UPC: 0793661286356

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