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Brooks-Range Folding Magnifier

Model: Folding Magnifier X10
Availability: Discontinued

This 10x magnifying glass from Brooks-Range is a great tool for analyzing snow crystals. It has US and metric scales and folds flat for compact storage and easy carry. The magnifier uses a one-inch glass lens for distortion free viewing with inch and millimeter markings on the perimeter of a 1-inch square viewing area. The magnifying loop opens to 1.875" x 1.5" x 2.25" (4.76 x 3.8 x 5.7 cm), or folds down to just over a half-inch high. The Brooks-Range Folding Magnifier Great addition to any snow study kit or an upgrade to your current lens.

by Benski (used product a few times)
For its magnification, a great, compact option... issue is that for many crystal types and sizes, 10x is insufficient and not much better than just zooming in with phone camera. If you’re bothering bringing a lens, I’d recommend something with 20-30x power so you can see more detail required to understand metamorphosis
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by Jonathan S (used product regularly)
Five Stars for these fabric loupes: very light, folds up very small, yet then sets up in a stable way on top of your snow crystal card.
You can get higher-power magnifiers, but they're heavy, bulky, and pricey.
Bonus application for this magnifier: works really well for checking out the fibers on your climbing skins!
(Seriously, the compare/contrast among different brands is interesting.)
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