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Brooks-Range Folding Ruler

Brand: Brooks-Range
Model: 200cm Folding Ruler
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Whether you're taking an Avalanche Safety course or habitually digging pits, you can benefit from the Brooks Range Folding Ruler. If you need more than a meter of length because the snowpack is deep, Brooks Range's 200cm ruler is the obvious choice. It also has enough markings to get precise in your studies. Folds down to a mere 9¼” (23.5 cm) in length. Each section snaps to right angles, or in-line. Red highlights mark every 10cm on the metric side and every foot on the imperial scale which lets your quickly and accurately measure the layer depths.

by Jonathan S (used product a few times)
If you're really (really (really)) into digging pits all the time, then these folder rulers can be helpful.
And initially I dutifully bought such a ruler.
But then I just started using my probe.
Even when teaching avy courses, I now just use my probe to reference snowpack height measurements.
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