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NRG is not an acronym for Neat Racing Garment. It’s actually a cute shorthand for the word “energy”, which this suit may give you in spades. How would a racing suit do that, you ask? We can’t make sense of it, but the makers of Powerkler, the “thermo-sensitivity bio-activation textile”, try to explain here. Wearing this suit just might make you a better person.

Wild claims aside, Crazy Idea makes some pretty awesome race suits. With secret stash locations for an avalanche beacon, water bottle, headlamp, and NRG gels, the suit functions as well as it looks. And regardless of your tastes it looks great since you can pick from a wide variety of color schemes. If you’ve been waiting for the most popular skimo racing suits in Europe to become available in North America, your wait is over. It’s time to suit up.

  • Body fit with flatlock seams and plenty of stretch form a sleek racing machine.
  • Boot stirrups with buckle cutouts keep the cuffs in place and out of your way.
  • Scuff guards are now bedazzled with mini studs and look to be impenetrable.
  • Crazy compression system offers the benefits of compression wear, built right in.
  • Internal and external pockets let you keep everything you need right where you need it.
  • Anti-microbial and anti-fatigue properties of the fabric keep you smelling and feeling fresh.
  • Diagonal crotch zip so you don't have to unsuit to unhydrate.
convert to ounces
540g [M]
Ventilation Mesh back
Hood No
Pockets 3 outer chest (skin, bottle, beacon), 2 inner tummy pouches
Cuffs Buckle cutouts & stirrups
Specs Verified No
Fit Skin
Materials   Powerkler
Insulation No
Seams Flatlocked
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, dating
Notes 100% Italian sourced
Bottom Line Crazy quality
Compare to other Men's Race Suits

Questions & Reviews

Stano at SkinTrack (downright abused product)
Despite minor personal issues with the company I have to give full credit to the Italians for this race suit :) It's a great piece of skimo gear.

2 things to consider/note:
1 - I would prefer another set of inside skin pockets like on the old suit, or make these ones a bit deeper.
2 - I am 187 cm and about 72 kg and went with size L. It was a good choice cause if I went by height sizing only then the compression fabric wouldn't have much to compress on my massive thighs :)

Can't really compare it to other suits though so won't say it is the greatest one.
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Model: Top NRG

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