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Stano at SkinTrack

Stano at SkinTrack




6' 1"


160 lbs

Shoe Size


Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:

100+ days / year


My Skiing

99.9% of my skiing is self-propelled and about 90% is in the backcountry. I am not really a high speed charging type but can ski fast when needed. I like to ski everything from mellow to steep couloirs, almost in any conditions. And I don't skin up only to ski down, I really enjoy the way up.

My Gear

I prefer my gear on the lighter side or as light as possible while still durable.

Recent Posts

I haven't used it for skiing yet but otherwise a great helmet so far. Fits and ventilates well. Note that its shape is for larger heads and more oval... finally :)
I have used these about 15 times so far without any problems. They are light yet feel quite strong, the front points are steel. Fit on the boots with the interesting front attachment (kind of like stepping into an alpine ski binding) works well and always felt secure...but it's probably not for steep ice. Anyways, great adventurous crampons.
This binding is a really nice cross between full-featured and "almost race" bindings. The heel functions well with the flapping risers and you can spin it either way without worry. The toe simply does the usual job well. I have used it for skiing in any snow, any terrain and also with a heavy pack. So far, it performed without any issues. I have also used the Plum Race 170 heel for long time (I like it) and the Oazo is more comfortable to use without much more weight.
I bought these off a roll and cut them for 80mm skis for ski mountaineering. I set them up with the Colltex tip attachments (no heel attachment) and works super well. The skins are reasonably fast. Used them about 30 days now and I am happy. Good value for the price.
I have been using these for a year now for all my activities - ski mountaineering, running, hiking, cycling, etc - and have been very happy. The zebra light lens transitions with changing light conditions quite fast. They are probably too large for small (women) faces but otherwise they should fit well.

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