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Built for those wanting an ultra-thin and precise fit, the Pro Fit Compression Nano Tour from Dissent is designed with serious backcountry travelers in mind. Unlike other wool and synthetic socks that get looser as the day progresses, the engineered fabrics of the Nano Tour are designed to resist stretching (even while wet), allowing for a precise “compressive” fit all day, every day. In the heel and ankle, Dissent uses Nanoglide anti-friction Teflon/PTFE yarns, thankfully relegating blisters to a thing of the past. For skiers wanting a compressive, thin, and highly breathable sock, the Pro Fit Compression Nano Tour should be on the shortlist.

  • Pro Fit Technology provides a precise, compression fit with no bunching or twisting.
  • NANOGLIDE yarns help prevent blisters and hotspots.
  • Ultrathin fabrics are moisture-wicking and breathable.
  • Designed to resist stretching even while wet, so plod on with confidence!

Sizing Note: If you have a larger calf size and find yourself on the top end of the sizing recommendation, consider the incrementally larger size.

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Questions & Reviews

dub_xion (downright abused product)
These are the only ski socks I'll wear anymore. Good compression, blister prevention and very durable. I'm big on thin socks, and any other brands end up being to saggy over time and/or not enough slippy slidey. I've really only used one single pair for the past 50+ days of skiing, including multiday tours, bc, and on-mtn. I have a pair of their more cushioned touring socks, but the fill up too much space.
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aslan (used product a few times)
doesn't wick well, overpriced, I was super excited for these and then after using them I decided that my darn toughs trusted and true were drier and felt better than these.

my recommendation would be to thin this sock out, use more wool/blend to make more breathable and don't make it so hard to put on. Despite the compressed fit, the sock still bunches of up on foot in certain spots near heel. I'm a normal dude with size 9 feet.
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Model: Pro Fit Compression Nano tour

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