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DPS Nina 99 Tour1 Ski


A win for the ladies! The DPS Nina ski is now available in the Tour construction. That means one of the most popular downhill skis of all time should become one of the most popular touring skis of all time. For good reason: the generous rocker and PaddleTech geometry make skiing easy. The women’s lengths are appropriate for skiing and touring. The 99 refers to the waist-width, which is generous enough in powder but not too big to get on edge in firmer conditions (still, it’s more fun in powder!). Carbon and fiberglass laminates make the ski durable and ski much better than a wet noodle. The hardened touring PTex can handle some abuse on the down while the low weight makes uphill a breeze. Try to come up with a reason to not get a DPS Nina 99, we can’t!

  • Gentle camber underfoot complements the medium radius for reliable turning.
  • Tapered tip and tail, integrated with the rocker profile, give the Nina cult status.
  • 3D PaddleTech Geometry is the secret sauce that makes you a better skier.
  • Lateral stability is added with Prepreg carbon and fiberglass laminates.
  • Slightly rockered tail means you can skid, smear, carve, or whatever to get down.
  • Good balance of lightness and energy from the Balsa wood core.
  • World Cup bases should last you through many years and tunes.
Lengths (cm) 158, 168
convert to ounces
1170g [158]
1190g [168]
Weight (pair) 2340g [158]
2380g [168]
Sidecut   125-99-111
Turn Radius   16-19m
Skin Fix   Rounded Tips and Tails
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   3D PaddleTech
Shape   3D PaddleTech
Construction   Textured polyamide cap
Core   Balsa core
Skimo Co Says
Usage Everday powder hunting
Notes Hardened bases and edges
Bottom Line The girls get theirs too!
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Jake D
I'm told that the stated lengths include the rocker, by measuring along the contour of the ski. What's the length directly from tip to tail? I'm trying to figure out if the 168cm would be a hassle for my wife to manage on the skin track, or if they're actually pretty close to what she has already, due to the amount of rocker.
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Jake, the 168cm is actually more of a 167cm, so the listed lengths are just a tad off!
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Model: Nina 99 Tour1

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