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Jake D

Jake D




5' 11"


185 lbs

Shoe Size

US 12.00

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:


Recent Posts

Does the Mercury 2 run a bit cooler than the original Mercury with the 100 gram weight drop?
If I want to replace all of the cuff pivot hardware on a pair of 2017/2018 F1s, should I be ordering 4x of the following? - F1 Inside Cuff Nut - F1 Outside Cuff Washer - F1 Cuff Pivot/Freedom Buckle Ladder Screw Thanks
I've got 4 seasons on a pair of these now and still love them. Light, strong, durable, comfortable grips, great price. Partial basket provides better purchase and helps with skating. I've broken a couple of baskets in crust but that's my only complaint.
I've been using this ski all spring and it's easily the best ski mountaineering ski I've used to date. Edge hold is bomber, the light weight makes hop turns a breeze, tip rocker helps keep you on top of the inevitable deproach shmoo. Perfect flex for me, not soft but not harsh or chattery either. I'm 185 lbs sans pack and the 171 is just right even once I'm loaded up for a big day. Paired with Plum 170s and Scarpa F1s. After seeing durability issues with other skis that don't have full edge coverage a...
I'm told that the stated lengths include the rocker, by measuring along the contour of the ski. What's the length directly from tip to tail? I'm trying to figure out if the 168cm would be a hassle for my wife to manage on the skin track, or if they're actually pretty close to what she has already, due to the amount of rocker.

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