Teddy Young

Teddy Young
Height:5' 8"
Weight:150 lbs
Shoe Size:US 8.00
Skier Type:Type II - Moderate
Ski Frequency:N/A

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Hey Matthew, thanks for reaching out! While there are no black and white answers when it comes to safety, I hope I can give some food for thought. I'll compare the Black Diamond Vision MIPS with Petzl Sirocco as it is more similar than the Meteor. Both helmets are made of multiple materials: expanded polypropylene lower foam, expanded polystyrene upper foam, and a hard shell on top(BD uses ABS, Petzl uses polycarbonate). In terms of side and back protection, we think it likely comes down to fit, coverage, a...
Hey Cam, I might recommend the 135cm! Luckily, with the seemingly endless grip length, it's nearly impossible to go "too long".
Hello Todor, thanks for reaching out! 1. Yes, this binding should be just fine to use on a wider ski! 2. Yes, this binding has leash rings included that can be mounted under the toes.
Hey Sam, thanks for reaching out! You are correct that the canister must be empty to ship to NZ, and I have just added an empty canister to our inventory for you. Feel free to put in that order whenever you're ready!
Hey Philip, thanks for reaching out! Many folks choose to go a little shorter for their touring skis due to lower weight, easier kick turns, nice for narrow chutes, etc. My immediate thought is to go with the 169, but give us a shout at help@skimo.co if you’d like to chat in greater detail!

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