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DPS Powderworks Pagoda Tour 124 Lotus Ski


The DPS Powderworks Tour 124 Lotus was first thought of in a dream in the minds of the R&D team at DPS. They dreamt of a ski that could surf the endless powder spines of the legendary Chugach while still being light enough to allow their bodies to keep up with their ambitions. These dreams of deep snow and big vert is what motivated the DPS team to build the Tour 124 Lotus, and once they saw the finished product they knew that their dreams had become a reality. The Powderworks Tour 124 Lotus is a ski that embodies DPS’s quest for the highest experience one can encounter during a turn on snow. The Lotus sidecut on this ski was specifically designed for skiing powder; the wide, rockered spoon tip reminiscent of DPS skis past is a time-tested powder-puncher, with just enough underfoot camber to ride out the approach after a day of steep and deep turns. The Powderworks Special Edition Lotus is unique in that it offers the Lotus design on the Pagoda Tour core instead of the Pagoda core that is standard for these wide skis. The biggest difference in these constructions is the inclusion of aerospace-grade foam found in the Pagoda Tour lineup. This fancy foam improves dampness on cruddy snow while also drastically lightening the load without compromising the downhill quality of the ski. As a result, the Powderworks Tour 124 Lotus is the lightest and highest quality of DPS's wide Lotus series to date. Just in time for the 2021 season, we are excited to bring in the DPS Powderworks Pagoda 124 Lotus so we can share what dreams are made of.

  • Only extra-wide Lotus ski to be made on the backcountry-oriented Pagoda Tour core construction.
  • With a construction based on lightweight paulownia wood and space-age foam, these skis are optimal for long climbs to get the fresh cold-smoke.
  • Unique Powderworks topsheet design informs others that you accept only the highest quality downhill experience.
  • Whether you're skiing deep lines in the Wasatch or fields of powder in Japan, you'd be remiss to leave your DPS Powderworks Tour 124 Lotus at home.
Lengths (cm) 171, 178, 185
convert to ounces
1540g [171]
1675g [178]
1750g [185]
Weight (pair) 3080g [171]
3350g [178]
3500g [185]
Sidecut   139/124/129 [171]
140/124/130 [178]
141/124/131 [185]
Turn Radius   23m
Skin Fix   Round tip and tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Relatively low and gradual rocker, slight camber underfoot, gentle tail rocker
Shape   Tapered tip, long radius, round tail
Construction   Pagoda core between unidirectional carbon laminates with a full-wrap sidewall
Core   Alternating stringers of lightweight foam and paulownia wood. Ash stringers in the center provide stability and improve performance
Skimo Co Says
Usage The deepest of powder days
Notes Made with love in Salt Lake City to ski the Greatest Snow on Earth
Bottom Line Another incomparable powder ski from DPS
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Questions & Reviews

Aaron (downright abused product)
These are an amazing evolution of DPS's more specialized powder designs. In great snow they ski like a toned down version of lotus 138s: not quite as loose but still very easy to slide and slarve, and they carve powder on edge better than full reverse side cut skis.

But, there are lots of skis that ski great powder well. What makes these amazing is how well they ski a range of bad snow conditions. These are the best skis for skiing 3D sh!t snow in the backcountry that I have tried (Trust me, I skied a lot of sh!t snow this year), the long subtle rocker combined with the long turning radius and gentle side cut means they are not hooky, and the large waist helps them stay on top of punchy crusts and schmoo. They ski hardpack and ice really well for their dimensions, and they flex enough to soften the blow when you plow into frozen tree bombs.

This is a ski that can handle a full mountain's worth of backcountry snow conditions, from ice and wind board up top, to pow in the middle, and schmoo/crusts down low.
Reply from thomc
curious how long you skied these vs your size and style of skiing (directional vs slarvage)
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