Height:6' 2"
Weight:190 lbs
Shoe Size:US 12.00
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:10 - 24 days / year
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My Skiing

resort and moderate ski mountaineering objectives (Vallee blanche, SLC side/backcountry, etc.) Enjoy access to and descents from high places. Better climber than skier, very moderately accomplished, and getting less so every day.

My Gear

dynafit tlt5s, tl6 performance cls, trab stelvio, dynafit speed turn. dynafit denali, speed superlight, movement vertex, plumb guide, atomic 78s, Blizzard Zero 108s, dynafit rotation

Recent Posts

This is a burly accessory clip. It is not a carabiner I'd use for climbing. The peening on the wiregates would easily slice something, if only your thumb. I like annoyingly small superlight 'biners, for example DMM. I like inexpensive ultralight gear, for example CAMP.
I have used for ski mountaineering outings and as lead gloves for ice. They are excellent value, durable and dexterous. Warm enough for movement but not a belay or rap glove, although they have held up fine for a few here and there.
Has the last been normalized as compared to the initial Hoji? That is, have they reverted to the TLT, or something else?
Longer term I have not used this much. In bounds I use a mips smith. Out of bounds I try not to need a helmet. If I do, it's often for climbing and/or rock fall. I'm more likely to take a Sirocco or Meteor if I want a little insurance for that missed turn / collision with tree. It's still good, I just have not had much use for it myself.
How did you size them, for downhill or touring?


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