Height:5' 0"
Weight:140 lbs
Shoe Size:US 12.00
Skier Type:Type II - Moderate
Ski Frequency:1 - 9 days / year
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My Skiing

resort and moderate ski mountaineering objectives (Vallee blanche, SLC side/backcountry, etc.) Enjoy access to and descents from high places. Better climber than skier, very moderately accomplished, and getting less so every day.

My Gear

dynafit tlt5s, tl6 performance cls, trab stelvio, dynafit speed turn. dynafit denali, speed superlight, movement vertex, plumb guide, atomic 78s, Blizzard Zero 108s, dynafit rotation

Recent Posts

Size questions for older models (sorry I lack calipers at home): are 2010 whips a fit for the small? And are 2014 carbon (the recall version, post recall) a large? Thanks, TC
I have used these for almost every kind of fun: trips light, long, short, quick, slow, any kind of outing over several seasons. I've also loaned them to folks who swear they are the lightest funnest skis for kicking around everything from the backyard to the resort to the skin track to real ski mountaineering objectives, especially if you keep the length short. They edge well, plow through crud well enough and can float pretty well in soft snow, as long as you are not packing weight. They are fun and bouncy...
This review is on behalf of my 11 year old. He's about 5'4" and 155 lbs. The 161 are a little long, but I like to get several seasons out of his gear, and he has not had any trouble handling them. They have done well in and out of bounds, and the heaviest thing about them is the fritschi daimir binders. He skied everywhere from Mad River to Jay Peak to Solitude to Alta bc. It all went well. The weight was as much as he can handle for 1000-1500' vertical on the up, and they are plenty of ski for the down and...
How do these size? I'm 29 in Dynafits TLT5
There is no way to make this fashion safe. However it’s got some great applications at either end of the temperature spectrum. It’s is great alone under a soft shell for high output temps and activities: quick venting like nothing else. I like it best under heavy long underwear for subzero, stop and start sports like resort skiing or ice climbing. But folks who can see it will mock you.

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