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Dynafit’s 3D carbon construction and flex tip has now worked its way into race skis. The same platform that excites skiers on the Cho Oyu & Denali skis can now be found on race courses worldwide. The Dynafit DNA ski is the pinnacle of the technology, stripped down to its essence. With the 3D tip and underfoot cutouts, the new version is even lighter than the old DyNA. The popular fish tip replaces the square tips while the pintails remain. And you might have noticed some new colors, which are overcompensating for a previous lack-thereof. If you always wanted one magenta ski and one bright green ski then it’s time to celebrate. On the podium.

  • Flex tip helps absorb variable conditions which you always find in races.
  • Carbon speed stringers run the length of the Paulownia wood core.
  • Dual radius design lets you tune your arcs with a weight shift.
  • Pintails make it easy to slip your skis in the holster of your race pack.
  • Alloy tips can handle some abuse while quickly securing race skins.
  • ISMF certified weight, performance, and colors.
Lengths (cm) 161
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 1380g
Dimensions   99-65-80
Turn Radius   20m
Skin Fix   Alloy race tip
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Traditional camber
Shape   Dual radius w/ pintail
Construction   3D carbon cap
Core   Paulownia w/ carbon stringers
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing
Notes One green, one magenta ski
Bottom Line Peak of Dynafit's 3D carbon platform

Questions & Reviews

Jason M (used product regularly)
I come to these after two solid seasons on the Wasatch Project. Sorry, Voile, bad news ... I ain't coming back. These skis, hot damn (both skiing and the colors). These things fly on the up, duh, but how are they on the down? Answer: Freakin' amazing. Honestly, way better than the WSP. I'm shocked by how well these ski. These things are definitely stiff; they wanna rail; definitely more of a race ski than a trainer (also duh). So stoked to race more on these and even more stoked to slay some spring corn in the Glacier Park hills this spring. If this is a little pricy for you (my wife was gunna kill me), I wouldn't hesitate at all to get the PDG. Heck, I want a pair of those, too! This ski rules. Duh.
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Model: DNA UPC: 4053865362765

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