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The Dy.N.A World Cup race ski features top of the line technology to acheive Dynafit's primary design goal of 100% reliable ski performance while keeping the weight super low. As you can infer from the price, this model makes no compromises. Using an intensive manufacturing process and innovative carbon fiber technology, the ski is ultralight with a high torsional rigidity and load capacity, letting you open the throttle on race day whether going uphill or down. The Dy.N.A. also happens to be a fun touring ski when doing speed laps with its (relatively) floaty square tip.

  • Dual radius design is longer in the front for less effort on wide turns while easily negotiating tight, steep ones using the shorter tail.
  • Unique 3-D carbon Flex Tip absorbs vibration like a bike's suspension when it gets chunky.
  • Pintail easily slides into ski-carry loops while enabling an energy-saving body position and sensitive ski control.
  • Special Isocore stringer in the center of the Paulownia wood core is an exquisite quality, fast-growing caliber of ultralight wood.
  • Full carbon casing around the innovative core is the new standard in lightweight rigidity.
  • Meets all ISMF specifications so you won't be disqualified from the podium, even if it feels like you are cheating.
  • Speed skin fix tip accepts any superfast race skin with a string style attachment.
  • Sintered graphite base coating maximizes gliding and ehances wax absorption.


The Dynafit PDG uses a similar platform to the state of the art DyNA, keeping its shape while making a few compromises. A carbon casing is swapped out for cheaper fiberglass version and a full Paulowina wood core eliminates the manufacturing complexity of an Isowood core. This makes the PDG a tad softer and 85 grams (3.0 ounces) heavier, but reduces the price.

Lengths (cm) 161
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 1460g
Sidecut   99-65-80
Turn Radius   25.5-20.0m
Skin Fix   Tip notch
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Full camber, 170mm tip, 40mm tail
Shape   Dual radius, square tip, pintail
Construction   Cap, Quadrax biaxial reinforcements
Core   Paulownia wood w/ Isocore stringer
Skimo Co Says
Usage Skimo racing, speed touring
Notes Flex tip absorbs shock, pintail eases pack loop insertion
Bottom Line Light and fast with no compromises

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Questions & Reviews

Jim Pace (used product regularly)
I bought a two year old (white/black/red) pair that had been used twice (!) by a guy who complained he couldn't even make a turn with these skis. After getting a decent tune, these skis are amazing. I expected them to hold a carve on hard snow, and they do that for sure. I've even played around in gates, and found them to be a decent ski for slalom and GS radius turns. But the most surprising aspect for me is their performance in deep snow. The narrow heal and floaty tip produce instant tight turns in the trees, a large sweet spot that rewards a neutral stance, and a familiarity with ALf Engen's Alta dipsi dodle turn. The last two days of skiing at Brundage were knee deep, with day one in heavier snow and today blower. I did not miss my wide boards one bit. Plus zooming past folks on heavy metal was a secret pleasure.

Apparently they come from the factory in need of a good flat base. Get that taken care of, and you're golden.
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Kerry (downright abused product)
The DyNA has exceptional edge hold. On hard pack and groomers, when well tuned, they feel like skates. Lean forward and hang on. (I'm experimenting with 2-degree side edge for firmer conditions; curious what others are doing.) Also a durable ski. I put Low Tech Race bindings on them; the ones with autolocking toe. Took a tumble on the saddle about 3/4's through Gothic Mtn Marathon in the skidoo wupps...was relieved to not rip the toe binding out of the ski. No worries about stream crossing on the DyNA. (I'm 6', 175-lb)
Looking at the PDG ski comments, I see a comment about camber...I think the DyNA has the same camber and I like it. Absolutely bomber edge hold on steep climbing traverse. On steep ice, I've had to side step the ski to climb, but nobody was getting skin contact there. (Ski crampons would make a pro out of anyone on that kind of slope. Anyone sell a 65-mm race crampon?)
The DyNA, as well as all other race skies, are certainly not my first choice for deep powder and heavy snow. I raced through a few deep off-piste courses on big pow days last year and found the ski floats well, exceptionally well considering it's size, just don't expect 100-under-foot performance. It also turns easily in the mank, I expect due to it's stiffness. I think the Dynafit claim of low swing weight (lightweight but wide tip) contributing to increased stability is a good claim.
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Model: Dy.N.A. Race WC

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